Taverns of the White City

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Deed Lore

Read the plaques of taverns and wine-shops within Minas Tirith. (0/13)

To complete this deed perform the following objective(s)

Find The Wheel and Cask Plaque
A simple ale-house also known as Hwinir a Calph.
Find The Laughing Halfling Plaque
Also known as Perian Lavrol. The wine-shop features a caricature of a hobbit on its sign, though it is based on secondhand descriptions and highly offensive to actual folk.
Find The Splintered Shield Plaque
Also known as Thand Thannan, an ale-hall that caters to soldiers.
Find The Mûmak and Keep Plaque
Also known as Mûmak a Barad, an ale-hall that caters to soldiers.
Find The Wainrider's Head Plaque
Also known as Dol Rachrohir, a wine-shop for soldiers.
Find The Hammer and Tongs Plaque
Also known as Dring a Mebir, an ale-house that caters to the city's smiths.
Find The Haven Plaque
Also known as Lond Veriannen, a cozy ale-house.
Find The Merry Swan Plaque
Also known as Alph 'Elir, a tavern favoured by the hostellers of Minas Tirith. It boasts of having the finest wine cellar in the city.
Find The Brick and Mortar Plaque
Also known as Drafn a Gwedgeph, an ale-house catering to the builders of the city.
Find The Cresting Wave Plaque
Also known as Falf Falthol, a wine-shop where minstrels and their wealthy patrons gather
Find The Lone Beacon Plaque
Also known as Narthan Ereb, a wine-shop of refinement and beauty whose establishment is marked by the large brazier atop its portico and a central garden.
Find The Thirsty Seer Plaque
Also known as Cenir Faug, it is a warm, friendly, and collegial tavern nestled into a nook in the side of the Mindolluin. It has been beloved for centuries by the students and masters alike in the Houses of Lore.
Find The Eagle and the Sickle Plaque
Also known as Thoron a Cerch, a tiny wine-shop next to a larger lawn and garden where poets often come to recite their odes. Its name comes from two of the greater constellations.


  LOTRO Point-icon.png 5 LOTRO Points
  Mark-icon.png 30 Marks
  Reputation-icon.png Increased Reputation with Defenders of Minas Tirith ( 500 )

Additional Information


  • Find the following 13 plaques on taverns :
  1. The Wheel and Cask (1st Tier) [63.3S, 19.0W]
  2. The Laughing Halfling (1st Tier) [67.8S, 18.6W]
  3. The Splintered Shield (2nd Tier) [67.4S, 18.9W]
  4. The Mûmak and Keep (2nd Tier) [67.3S, 19.9W]
  5. The Wainrider's Head (2nd Tier) [63.7S, 19.0W]
  6. The Hammer and Tongs (3rd Tier) [64.1S, 18.9W]
  7. The Haven (3rd Tier) [66.6S, 18.2W]
  8. The Merry Swan (3rd Tier) [67.1S, 19.8W]
  9. The Brick and Mortar (3rd Tier) [64.2S, 19.4W]
  10. The Cresting Wave (4th Tier) [64.7S, 18.6W]
  11. The Lone Beacon (4th Tier) [66.6S, 18.7W]
  12. The Thirsty Seer (5th Tier) [66.2S, 19.7W]
  13. The Eagle and the Sickle (5th Tier) [65.0S, 19.4W]

Plaque walkthrough

  1. Steward Cirion Vandur - (1st Tier) [63.4S, 19.3W]
  2. The Wheel and Cask (1st Tier) [63.3S, 19.0W]
  3. King Valacar Formendur - (1st Tier) [63.3S, 18.7W]
  4. King Atanatar I - (1st Tier) [63.4S, 18.8W]
  5. Steward Boromir Harna - (1st Tier) [63.5S, 18.5W]
  6. King Telemnar Sintavarda - (1st Tier) [63.3, 18.6W]
  7. Steward Heríon - (1st Tier) [63.9S, 17.8W]
  8. North Guesthouse (1st Tier) [64.8S, 17.1W]
  9. Lower Stores (1st Tier) [65.0S, 17.1W]
  10. Steward Húrin I - (1st Tier) [65.3S, 16.9W]
  11. Steward Túrin I - (1st Tier) [65.2S, 16.8W]
  12. Hall of Errands (1st Tier) [65.2S, 16.7W]
  13. King Anárion - (1st Tier) [65.5S, 16.9W]
  14. High King Elendil - (1st Tier) [65.5S, 16.9W]
  15. City Stables (1st Tier) [65.6S, 16.9W]
  16. King Isildur - (1st Tier) [65.7S, 16.9W]
  17. Keep of the Keys (1st Tier) [65.9S, 16.8W]
  18. King Tarannon Falastur - (1st Tier) [66.0S, 16.9W]
  19. King Eärnil I Ciryatan - (1st Tier) [66.0S, 17.0W]
  20. Old Guesthouse (1st Tier) [66.3S, 17.1W]
  21. South Guesthouse (1st Tier) [66.5S, 17.3W]
  22. The Laughing Halfling (1st Tier) [67.8S, 18.6W]
  23. King Siriondil - (1st Tier) [68.0S, 19.4W]
  24. King Ciryandil Úmarth - (1st Tier) [67.8S, 19.4W]
  25. King Ondoher Manardil - (1st Tier) [67.8S, 19.6W]
  26. The Mûmak and Keep (2nd Tier) [67.3S, 19.9W]
  27. Steward Beregond Taurahesto - (2nd Tier) [67.4S, 19.7W]
  28. The Splintered Shield (2nd Tier) [67.4S, 18.9W]
  29. Guest Barracks (2nd Tier) [66.9S, 18.0W]
  30. Steward Túrin II - (2nd Tier) [66.6S, 17.6W]
  31. Hall of Laws (2nd Tier) [64.6S, 17.7W]
  32. The Wainrider's Head (2nd Tier) [63.7S, 19.0W]
  33. City Gaol (2nd Tier) [63.8S, 19.8W]
  34. Steward Dior - (3rd Tier) [64.4S, 20.3W]
  35. Steward Egalmoth - (3rd Tier) [64.3S, 20.3W]
  36. The Brick and Mortar (3rd Tier) [64.2S, 19.4W]
  37. The Hammer and Tongs (3rd Tier) [64.1S, 18.9W]
  38. Vaults of Rynd Mírath (3rd Tier) [65.2S, 17.8W]
  39. House of Clamour (3rd Tier) [65.2S, 17.8W]
  40. The Haven (3rd Tier) [66.6S, 18.2W]
  41. King Eärnil II Melehta - (3rd Tier) [66.9S, 18.4W]
  42. House of Rest (3rd Tier) [67.0S, 18.6W]
  43. Middle Stores (3rd Tier) [67.0S, 19.3W]
  44. King Anardil - (3rd Tier) [67.2S, 19.5W]
  45. The Merry Swan (3rd Tier) [67.1S, 19.8W]
  46. Steward Hallas - (4th Tier) [66.6S, 19.7W]
  47. Steward Húrin II - (4th Tier) [66.6S, 19.7W]
  48. High Guesthouse (4th Tier) [66.6S, 19.3W]
  49. King Narmacil II Romenturún - (4th Tier) [66.7S, 19.1W]
  50. King Calimehtar Minastan - (4th Tier) [66.6S, 19.1W]
  51. The Lone Beacon (4th Tier) [66.6S, 18.7W]
  52. Steward Eradan - (4th Tier) [66.4S, 18.4W]
  53. Steward Mardil Voronwë - (4th Tier) [66.3S, 18.4W] (jump on top of the cart poles)
  54. The Cresting Wave (4th Tier) [64.7S, 18.6W]
  55. Steward Barahir - (4th Tier) [64.4S, 19.2W]
  56. King Aldamir - (4th Tier) [64.6S, 19.6S]
  57. Steward Belecthor II Aldandil - (4th Tier) [64.6S, 19.6W]
  58. King Minardil Úmanwa -(4th Tier) [64.6S, 19.7W]
  59. King Calmacil - (4th Tier) [64.5S, 19.7W]
  60. King Atanatar II Alcarin - (4th Tier) [64.5S, 19.7W]
  61. King Narmacil - (4th Tier) [64.5S, 19.7W]
  62. Steward Thorondir - (5th Tier) [64.9S, 19.6W]
  63. Steward Orodreth - (5th Tier) [64.8S, 19.4W]
  64. The Eagle and the Sickle (5th Tier) [65.0S, 19.4W]
  65. Steward Belecthor I - (5th Tier) [64.9S, 19.2W]
  66. The House of the Heavens (5th Tier) [64.9S, 18.8W]
  67. Steward Hador Andín - (5th Tier) [65.1S, 18.7W]
  68. King Meneldil Teltarcil - (5th Tier) [65.1S, 18.6W]
  69. Upper Stores (5th Tier) [65.0S, 18.6W]
  70. The Old Archives (5th Tier) [65.7S, 18.4W] (under the Pier-in the Sages' Neath)
  71. The Archives of Vorondil (5th Tier) [66.1S, 18.7W]
  72. Steward Belegorn - (5th Tier) [66.3S, 18.8W]
  73. The Black House (5th Tier) [66.4S, 19.5W]
  74. The Houses of Lore (5th Tier) [66.3S, 19.5W]
  75. The Thirsty Seer (5th Tier) [66.2S, 19.7W]
  76. Steward Denethor I - (6th Tier) [65.1S, 19.4W]
  77. Chambers of the City (6th Tier) [65.1S, 19.1W]
  78. Steward Turgon - (6th Tier) [65.3S, 18.9W]
  79. Dome of the Sun (6th Tier) [65.2S, 18.8W]
  80. Steward Ecthelion II Turyarta - (6th Tier) [65.2S, 18.8W]
  81. High Stables (6th Tier) [65.3S, 18.8W]
  82. King Eärendil - (6th Tier) [66.1S, 18.9W]
  83. King Cemendur - (6th Tier) [66.1S, 19.0W]
  84. Steward Beren Ithrondil - (7th Tier) [65.5S, 19.2W] (in front of the Citadel)
  85. King Eärnur Teldil - (7th Tier) [65.5S, 19.2W] (in front of the Citadel)
  86. King Ostoher - (7th Tier) [65.7S, 19.2W] (in front of the Citadel)
  87. Steward Ecthelion I Tarastur - (7th Tier) [65.7S, 19.2W] (in front of the Citadel)
  88. Coffer-House (7th Tier) [65.8S, 19.2W]
  89. Southern Great Guesthouse (7th Tier) [65.8S, 19.1W]
  90. King Eldacar Vinitharya - (7th Tier) [65.6S, 18.7W] (on the Pier|westward)
  91. King Tarondor Andovarda - (7th Tier) [65.6S, 18.7W] (on the Pier|westward)
  92. King Rómendacil I Tarostar - (7th Tier) [65.5S, 18.7W] (on the Pier|northwestward)
  93. King Hyarmendacil I Ciryaher - (7th Tier) [65.7S, 18.7W] (on the Pier|southwestward)
  94. King Turambar Onótimo - (7th Tier) [65.5S, 18.5W] (on the Pier)
  95. King Hyarmendacil II Vinyarion - (7th Tier) [65.7S, 18.5W] (on the Pier)
  96. King Telumehtar Umbardacil - (7th Tier) [65.7S, 17.9W] (on the Pier)
  97. King Rómendacil II Minalcar - (7th Tier) [65.5S, 17.9W] (on the Pier)