Tarondor II

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This page is about Tarondor II, king of Cardolan. For the king of pre-division Arnor, see Tarondor
Biography: Tarondor II
Birth - Death Third Age
Race: Man
Gender: Male
Ancestor(s): Elendil
Parent(s): Eärendur
Tarondor II
Descendant(s): Artandil
Info: Elder brothers: Amlaith and Eldamacil


Tarondor II.jpg

Tarondor II was the third and youngest son of King Eärendur of Arnor. When Eärendur died without officially naming an heir, Arnor was divided between Tarondor and his elder brothers, Amlaith and Eldamacil. Tarondor became the first King of Cardolan. He established his ruling-seat at Caranost. He was eventually slain by his brother Eldamacil, first King of Rhudaur.

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