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  • 5.2m Range
  • Tactical Skill, Melee Skill
  • Max Targets: 3
  • Radius: 5m
  • Sweeps the staff to strike surrounding foes.
  • 2 Attacks:
  • ... Light Damage
  • ... (Off-hand) Damage
  • Cost: [2,330 at Level 140] Power
  • Cooldown: 15s

General Information

Class: Lore-master

Level: 28

This skill is replaced by Improved Staff-sweep-icon.png Improved Staff-sweep at level 68.


The set bonus Hasten in the Master of Nature's Fury trait tree lets this skill reduce the cooldown of Sticky Gourd-icon.png Sticky Gourd, Lightning-storm-icon.png Lightning-storm and Ents go to War-icon.png Ents go to War on each use.


The Lore-master Word of Mastery tracery Staff Skill Damage increases the damage of this skill by up to 55%.

Tactical Information

The second attack only happens if you have a sword equipped in your off-hand.