Solitary Thunder Traits

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Trait Description Source
Ceaseless Argument (Trait)-icon.png Ceaseless Argument Gain skill Ceaseless Argument Trait: 0+ ranks
Exacting Wards-icon.png Exacting Wards Buff Trait: 0+ ranks
Confounding Principles-icon.png Confounding Principles Improves skill Shocking Touch Trait: 0+ ranks
Cutting Remarks-icon.png Cutting Remarks Buff Trait: 5+ ranks
Fortune Smiles-icon.png Fortune Smiles Buff Trait: 5+ ranks
Fulgurite Runestone (Trait)-icon.png Fulgurite Runestone Gain skill Fulgurite Runestone Trait: 10+ ranks
Thunderous Words-icon.png Thunderous Words Buff Trait: 10+ ranks
Statically Charged-icon.png Statically Charged Improves skill Fulgurite Runestone Trait: 15+ ranks, Fulgurite Runestone (1)
Epic Conclusion (Trait)-icon.png Epic Conclusion Gain skill Epic Conclusion Trait: 15+ ranks
Harsh Debate-icon.png Harsh Debate Buff Trait: 15+ ranks, Thunderous Words (5)
Vivid Imagery (Trait)-icon.png Vivid Imagery Gain skill Vivid Imagery Trait: 20+ ranks
Closing Remarks-icon.png Closing Remarks Buff Trait: 20+ ranks, Harsh Debate (5)
Furious Storms-icon.png Furious Storms Buff Trait: 25+ ranks
Perfect Imagery-icon.png Perfect Imagery Improves skill Vivid Imagery Trait: 25+ ranks, Vivid Imagery (1)
Concession and Rebuttal (Trait)-icon.png Concession and Rebuttal Gain skill Concession and Rebuttal Trait: 30+ ranks
Flashing Images-icon.png Flashing Images Improves skill Steady Hands Trait: 30+ ranks