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(Also called Resurrect or Rez)
  • In LOTRO, characters never die, that is, they are never killed, only defeated.
  • When a character's Morale reaches zero (0), the character is defeated. Skills can no longer be used. However, the player may still chat with other players.
Revival is the partial restoration of Morale and Power to a defeated ally. Also knows as "Res or Rez (short for Resurrection).
When defeated, the character has 600 seconds to be revived in-place. Other players (and a few NPC's) can revive a defeated character, and a player may sometimes revive his/her own character. When the timer expires, the character is automatically transported to the nearest Rally Point and revived there. A character may also choose to Retreat, which will have the same effect without waiting for the 600-second timer.
Minstrels, Rune-keepers, Lore-masters, Captains and Beornings are the only classes that have the ability to revive other players.
A character may have another option to revive him/herself, but this option has a long cooldown. The length of this cooldown increases with level; the longest cooldown is 2 hours. If a character's own Revive option is on cooldown, Mithril Coins can be spent to reactivate it.
Revive is generally not available inside an Instance, even if it's off cooldown. Retreat or revival by another player are the only options.
A character that revives him/herself appears on the spot where he/she was defeated with very little Morale. As such, it is advantageous to ensure the area is safe before reviving.
When other players revive a defeated character, the revived character appears where the other player's character was standing when the revival skill was used.

Although all of these abilities 'revive' a player from defeat instead of 'resurrecting' them, the term 'Res' is still often used in Chat due to its common usage in other video games.
Most Revive skills require a non-combat situation for use.
Different classes obtain in-combat revive skills at different levels and requirements.
Revival has the primary benefit that the ally does not have to Retreat.
A Rez'd ally will not get all of his/her Morale/Power back, and will have to use other means to recover them.
  • Reviving oneself has a cooldown that increases with your level, with two hours being the maximum amount.
  • Mithril Coins can also be expended to activate the "Revive" option if your "free revive" cooldown timer has not yet reset.
  • In the first few levels, there is no penalty for retreating. In later levels, retreating causes your abilities to be somewhat impaired for several minutes and damages your equipment.
  • Keep in mind that when you revive you revive where you were defeated, you have very little Morale or Power and can easily be defeated again immediately!
  • On revival, Wardens exhibit the effect "Recently Revived-icon.png Recently Revived' for 30 seconds after revival. This is necessary to activate their skill Never Surrender-icon.png Never Surrender.
  • A wide variety of potions, scrolls and the like can be purchased from the LOTRO store (some may occasionally be found in-game in Loot-boxes or received as Lottery prizes) to mitigate the various effects of Defeat.
(Note that the effect timers reset on defeat.)