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The Raven is the second pet obtained by a Lore-master, at level 15. It has the same level as the Lore-master itself and is summoned by Raven-lore.

It is a versatile pet with a reasonable survivability. The raven is good for increasing global group DPS if a lot of fire damage is being used (e.g. rune-keepers, hunters with fire-oil or lore-masters traited down the Master of Nature's Fury line). The raven is also good for reducing the damage taken by your fellowship: through Shield of the Raven's Wing for fights with a lot of tactical damage, and through Dizzy for enemies which deal heavy melee or ranged damage. Ranged mobs can be made harmless through use of Distraction in combination with Wind-lore, forcing them to come in melee range. In solo situations the raven increases the damage of the lore-master itself.

The raven has the third highest flank rate (after Bog-guardian and Eagle).


Raven Skill Bar.jpg

The last three skills on the Raven's Skill Bar are:

  1. Benediction of the Raven: Increases incoming fire damage
  2. Distraction: Debuff to a mob's ranged attack and causes DoT
  3. Evasion: Self-defence buff


The trait Noble Savage enhances the Lore-master's companion by improving its morale, power, attack speed, damage, critical chance, block, parry and evade chance, stealth and stealth detection, as well as granting it immunity to knockbacks.


Auto-attacks cause Dizzy to occur on an enemy target on a critical hit.
Auto-attacks have a chance to activate Flanked! on an enemy target.
Auto-attacks from the rear have a chance to activate Harried! on an enemy target.
The raven companion causes Shield of the Raven's Wing to occur on you and any of your fellows who are in the vicinity of the raven.

Pet Food

A Raven can eat Bags of Crumbs to temporarily increase its melee offence & evade ratings. Bags of Crumbs are crafted by Cooks.

Ranged Item

A Lore-master can equip a brooch in their ranged slot that grants their pet one of the following:

  • Up to 656 critical rating, 1156 morale and 997 power;
  • Up to 630 in-combat morale regeneration, 8000 evade rating, 1156 morale and 997 power.


A Lore-master has the ability to learn skills that change the appearance of their pet by consuming talismans. These talismans are crafted by Jewellers or can be purchased at the LOTRO Store.

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