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Members of the Shire's Quick Post mail service are known as Postmen, and are under the direction of Postmaster Proudfoot at the Quick Post office in Michel Delving's Town Hole. Postmen are responsible for delivering the letters written by Hobbits who have learned to read and write.

As of late, the Quick Post has been overwhelmed and under-staffed, leading the various Postmen throughout the Shire to seek help from willing adventurers they find to be trustworthy enough to deliver the bundles of mail within the allotted time and avoid nosey Hobbits.



Quests Involved

All quests are level 6 to 12 and may be started with any Postman and done in any order.
Tentatively a new Hobbit character begins in Little Delving while a new Dwarf or Elf begins in Needlehole.

Postman Coords Starting Destination Level Quest
Postman Newbuck [31.8S, 76.7W] Little Delving Michel Delving 7 Bundle for Michel Delving
Postmaster Proudfoot [33.4S, 75.0W] Michel Delving Waymeet 6 Bundle for Waymeet
Postman Twofoot [32.8S, 73.0W] Waymeet Needlehole 7 Bundle for Needlehole
Postman Redsmith [27.1S, 75.9W] Needlehole Michel Delving 8 Bundle for Michel Delving
Postmaster Proudfoot [33.4S, 75.0W] Michel Delving Tuckborough 8 Bundle for Tuckborough
Postman Took [33.0S, 70.9W] Tuckborough Hobbiton 8 Bundle for Hobbiton
Postman Grubb [31.2S, 71.3W] Hobbiton Overhill 8 Bundle for Overhill
Postman Boffin [28.1S, 70.1W] Overhill Bywater 9 Bundle for Bywater
Postman Oddfoot [32.1S, 68.2W] Frogmorton Woodhall 10 Bundle for Woodhall
Postman Spinner [33.3S, 65.7W] Woodhall Stock 10 Bundle for Stock
Postman Smallburrow [31.5S, 63.4W] Stock Budgeford 10 Bundle for Budgeford
Postman Bolger [31.2S, 65.4W] Budgeford Scary 11 Bundle for Scary
Postman Digswell [27.8S, 66.5W] Scary Brockenborings 12 Bundle for Brockenborings

Finish: [1] A True Friend to the Quick Post at Postmaster Proudfoot in Michel Delving.


"People became enthusiastic; and they began to tick off the days on the calendar; and they watched eagerly for the postman, hoping for invitations.
"Before long the invitations began pouring out, and the Hobbiton post-office was blocked, and the Bywater post-office was snowed under, and voluntary assistant postmen were called for. There was a constant stream of them going up the Hill, carrying hundreds of polite variations on Thank you, I shall certainly come." — The Hobbit