Quest:Valuables Gone Astray

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Valuables Gone Astray
Level ...
Type Solo
Repeatable Daily
Starts with Holfast Burrows
Starts at The Party Tree
Start Region The Shire
Map Ref [29.6S, 71.6W]
Quest Group Harvest Festival
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'What a terror! I ventured into the Haunted Burrow, for I was sure there would be treasure tucked away in every corner. I swore I wouldn't leave until I came away with a few riches.

'Instead of jools at the bottoms of various jars and whatnot, I found the most horrible things instead! Sticky, cold, wet, terrifying things. Unnatural things!'

NOTE: Only one Haunted Burrow quest may be underway at a time.


Holfast searched high and low for treasure in the Haunted Burrow, but found only fright instead and lost many valuable articles along the way.

NOTE: This quest will be removed from your quest log when the event it is associated with ends.

Objective 1

Holfast Burrows' missing valuables are probably scattered throughout corners of the Haunted Burrow in places where he hoped to find hidden treasure.

You should seek Holfast's missing valuables in the Haunted Burrow.

Jar of Crawlies: You plunge your hand into this jar, but the insides of it squirm as if alive! Bugs! Bugs! Bugs!
You bear it long enough to bravely retrieve a pocket-watch held hostage by the creepy crawlies within.
Bone Pile: These delicate bones have an ashy feel to them, like they will crumble in a moment of you trouble them. You imagine the dust of death filling your nose and eyes and squeeze your eyes shut unwillingly in anticipation.
Fortunately, your fingers grasp a shiny button before too long.
Disgusting Puddle: Something glints in the middle of the puddle, and you are sure it is something that belonged to Holfast.
You reach for it, but the blood drains from your head as you realize that the puddle is quite warm. Feeling faint, you quickly pocket the monocle you have retrieved.
Sticky Cocoon: Do you really have to reach in here? You ought to. Holfast said he searched in any unlikely place where treasure could be hiding.
Oh, it is sticky and terribly unpleasant. Are there words for such an awful sensation?
You search for a moment, your heart beating fast as can be, and pull out a very nice glove! Hopefully this belongs to Holfast....
Barrel of Mystery Flesh: Oh no...really, Holfast? Why did you look for treasure in here? The smell is unbearable. It's all cold and mushy....
It seems that Holfast didn't spend long here, for you are able to find his ring near the top of the disgusting pile. If there is any more treasure hidden inside, it's best to let it stay there.

Objective 2

Holfast Burrows stands outside the Haunted Burrow, near the Party Tree in Hobbiton.

You have found all of Holfast's missing valuables, and now you should return them to their master.

Holfast Burrows: 'You are such a brave <race>! I can't believe you were able to bear it in there! You are bolder than I, and no mistake about it. I am tremendously indebted to you, <name>.
'I am beginning to recover a bit from my terrifying adventure. Did you see any treasure while you were inside? Maybe I'll have another look....'