Quest:To Helm's Deep

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To Helm's Deep
Level 94
Type Solo
Starts with Gandalf
Starts at Erkenbrand's Refuge
Start Region Westfold
Map Ref [56.5S, 90.5W]
Ends with Théoden
End Region Helm's Deep
Map Ref [63.9S, 89.5W]
Quest Group Westfold
Quest Text

Bestowal Dialogue

'Let us all make for Helm's Deep at once. <name>, you must ride at once to the aid of King Théoden. Shadowfax and I will go with Erkenbrand, Grimbold, and Dúnhere -- at whatever pace this army of foot-soldiers can move.

'Hurry, <name>! Do not miss the closing of Helm's Gate against the enemy, or you will be on the wrong side, and you will not survive the approach of the horde.'


Gandalf believes that the siege at Helm's Deep will begin soon, and that you can make it there with more haste than he with so many foot soldiers in tow.

Objective 1

Erkenbrand is at his camp in the hills at the western edge of the Westfold.

You should speak with Erkenbrand.

Erkenbrand: 'Go well, friend <class>. If I had my horse I would ride with you now, but it is not to be. I hope to fight at your side one day, <name>. You were valiant to rally Grimbold from his despair -- a true friend to Rohan!'

Objective 2

Grimbold is at his camp in the hills at the western edge of the Westfold.

You should speak with Grimbold.

Grimbold: 'It felt good to grasp a sword again, <name>. Very good. I have you to thank for my reunion with my allies - with Erkenbrand at our helm, we will crash upon our foe as they fall on Helm's Deep.
'Now I march! And I hope that I will fight alongside you again, <name>.
'Good luck to you, my friend. Your deeds will be worthy of song this night, I know it.'

Objective 3

Gamling is at Helm's Dike in the south-western Westfold.

You should hasten to Gamling before the battle begins.

Gamling: ' <name>! I had not thought to see you again. Hurry, friend, hurry! I must lock the gate at once, for our last scout says that the enemy is hot on your heels.
'From whence did you come? Nay -- never mind. It must be a story for another time. Ride, ride! Ride to the Hornburg.'

Objective 4

King Théoden stands upon the walls of the Hornburg.

You should offer your sword to King Théoden as the Hornburg steels itself for battle.

Théoden: 'You have come to offer me your sword at this late hour? Good, I am glad.
'We can use the might of a <class>, now more than ever. Are you ready for a war, <name>, the likes of which you have never seen?'