Quest:The Prison of Rauniel

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The Prison of Rauniel
Level 123
Type Solo
Starts with Rauniel
Starts at Rath Dúath
Start Region Morgul Vale
Map Ref [66.1S, 6.8E]
Ends with Arodor
Ends at Echad Uial
End Region Morgul Vale
Map Ref [65.1S, 4.2E]
Quest Group Imlad Morgul: Rath Dúath
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

Rauniel: 'Eithel Gwaur lies beyond this bridge. The old cisterns have remained hidden for many years, but the passage is always guarded. Defeat those who guard the path and meet me upon the steps to Eithel Gwaur. Only there can you set me free.'


Rauniel, the maiden of the Ithilduin, needs your assistance to defeat those who keep her locked in a watery prison at the source of the Morgulduin River.

Objective 1

  • Defeat enemies outside Eithel Gwaur (0/4)
  • Reach the door to Eithel Gwaur

Eithel Gwaur can be found in eastern Rath Dúath.

You should defeat enemies outside Eithel Gwaur.

The door to Rauniel's prison lies ahead
Rauniel: 'You have defeated the guards with ease. Now is the time to free me from this prison! You have done as I asked and cleared a path for my escape. Now I can guide you to my cage. Follow me inside, noble <race>.'

Objective 2

Rauniel remains trapped inside Eithel Gwaur.

You should find Rauniel inside Eithel Gwaur and save her.

Objective 3

Arodor can be found at Echad Uial in Rath Dúath.

You should talk to Arodor.

Arodor: 'Ah, <name>, have you returned with the water samples? You were gone for so long I feared the worst! What befell while you undertook that task?'
You tell Arodor of your confrontation with the evil Gwaurodel and the beast's deception.
'Are you certain this Gwaurodel was the cause of the Morgulduin's blight? I can not thank you enough for seeing this through to the end, for that proved no simple task after all! Not only have you found what manner of corruption befouls the waters, you put an end to the horrid creature that was its cause. That was nobly done, my friend!
'It may be a long while before the river is truly clean, for Gwaurodel deprived the waters of its true keeper, the river maiden of the Ithilduin, and the beast befouled them for so long. It will take time before these cruel injuries are undone.'