Quest:The Mysterious Thief

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The Mysterious Thief
Level 115
Type Solo
Starts with Sírithon
Starts at Loeglond
Start Region Eryn Lasgalen
Map Ref [14.3N, 31.2W]
Quest Group Eryn Lasgalen
Quest Chain Trail of Rust
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'I will tell you how my suspicions of a thief first arose: every morning, as I made my rounds, I would find things slightly moved from where they were. So slight was the shifting and rearranging that it only tickled my mind for some days.

'Then, two days ago, I laid a coil of rope in a particular position upon some other tools. The next morning, there was no mistaking it: the rope was two hands shifted to the side.

'Therefore, we must conclude our thief steals by night. Come, help me lay a trap. This part, I would not dare without your help! First we must gather supplies and lay them in the unused supply cart.'


Having found convincing proof, Sírithon devises a plan to catch the Loeglond thief.

Objective 1

  • Collect supplies (0/5)

Supplies can be found in Loeglond.

You should gather supplies to bait a trap.

SUPPLIES "Supplies similar to those which have been recently stolen."
Collected supplies (5/5)

Objective 2

  • Bait the empty supply cart

There is an unused supply cart in Loeglond.

You should bait the cart with supplies.

CART "This empty cart is the perfect place to lay a trap for the thief."
Placing bait ... The trap is set
The trap is set!

Objective 3

You should talk to Sírithon, who can be found in Loeglond.

Sírithon: 'Good work. You are a worthy <class>. Now let us wait for nightfall.'
Complete the Instance: The Mysterious Thief

Objective 4

You should talk to Sírithon, who can be found in Loeglond.

Sírithon: 'The ruins called Esgaroth-of-old were once a town of the Dale-men. Very little remains, and what does is now covered over with marsh reeds and the waters of the Long Lake. Who hides in such a dreary and desolate place, and what aim do they pursue out there? I wonder! Our thief is real, but grows stranger every time we learn something new.'