Quest:The Lhingris Threat

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The Lhingris Threat
Level 109
Type Solo
Starts with Ingold
Starts at Ruins of Dingarth
Start Region Dor Amarth
Map Ref [48.1S, 8.6E]
Quest Chain Mordor: Dor Amarth
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'I have heard tales of crawling things in the Morgai. Scuttling, venomous creatures roam through the valley. Some have recently spotted large spiders along the Morgai's ridge. I fear these horrid spiders are becoming bolder as they explore areas near the valley of Lhingris.

'Will you to scout the base of the Morgai here in Dor Amarth in search of any intruders?'


Ingold has been getting reports that bands of spiders are crossing the Morgai from Lhingris into Dor Amarth. He asks you to patrol the border.

Objective 1

  • Scout the location for spiders

Scouting locations are along the base of the Morgai in Dor Amarth.

You should scout the location.

All is quiet here (Around [52.5S, 9.5E])
You find nothing to report to Ingold here (Around [49.7S, 8.2E])

Objective 2

  • Stand your ground and defeat the spider swarm
  • Do not flee from where you stand

You should defeat the incoming swarm.

Objective 3

  • Talk to Ingold

Ingold can be found at the Ruins of Díngarth in Dor Amarth.

You should speak with Ingold.

'You have successfully fended off a group of spiders descending the Morgai? I am glad you were our first line of defence! The scuttling creatures were no match for you. '