Quest:The Letter

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The Letter
Level 97
Type Solo
Starts with Landscape
Starts at Bandit Encampment
Start Region Lamedon
Map Ref [64.2S, 61.3W]
Ends with Auto-complete
Quest Chain Dínadab
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

Fuirion's satchel appears to have been picked over by the bandits at the back of the encampment.

The men who stand here laugh heartily at some joke, hardly noticing your approach.


Fuirion's satchel appears to have been picked over by the bandits at the back of the encampment.

Objective 1

  • Read Fuirion's letter to try to understand his predicament

The bandits who have looted Fuirion's satchel are gathered at the back of their encampment in north-west Lamedon.

You should reclaim Fuirion's goods from the bandits.

Fuirion had good reason to wish to recover this, for it could create a great deal of tension within his family if discovered before he leaves Lamedon
Fuirion's Letter 'A Confession
Dear Limril,
I must apologise for this feeble fare-well after so many years of friendship. I am afraid it is the best I can do. This letter is for your eyes alone, and I beg you not to burden Gladion with the pain of knowing me to be a woeful, selfish, foolish brother.
I have likely left Lamedon by now with a pocketful of gold, for I have gone to seek treasure in hunting bounties. I intend to put many long leagues between myself and Gondor. Traveling such great distance will cost more money than my farm could give me, and so I must lend my blade to a gainful cause.
It is just that I cannot bear it any longer, you see. Limril, you have never been mine, you will never be mine, and I am sorry to lay this burden upon you, but I cannot keep this secret within my heart any longer. I beg you not to tell Gladion, for I would never hurt him for the world. It is why I leave. I love you with no expectations, no hope, no alternative, and the reality that I cannot go on living in this way, with you so near.'

Objective 2

  • Completed

Fuirion's letter sheds a great deal of light on his predicament.

You have reclaimed Fuirion's possessions from the bandits, and should now take extra care that the letter does not fall into the wrong hands.