Quest:Storied Tale: The Glittering Caves

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Storied Tale: The Glittering Caves
Level 95
Type Solo
Repeatable Yes
Starts with Cenric
Starts at Helm's Deep (sunrise)
Start Region Helm's Deep (sunrise)
Map Ref [70.5N, 17.4W]
Quest Group Vol. III. Book 13
Reflecting Pool West Rohan Reflecting Pool
Quest Text

The Glittering Caves

"The folk sheltering in the caves will be defenceless if the battle goes against us. Protect them, my friend."


Some of Saruman's allies have discovered tunnels behind Helm's Deep, and threaten the sheltering Rohirrim in the haven they believed safe. Éomer and Gimli need your help to close off these tunnels and prevent such craven attacks.

Objective 1

  • Talk to Éomer in the Glittering Caves

Éomer has come to the Glittering Caves and his anger at Lheu Brenin's attempted attack on his people knows no bounds.

Éomer: 'I spit on the memory of this Dunlending chief, <name>. He sought to surprise my people from the rear, breaking into their haven of safety and putting them to the sword under the cover of darkness? He deserves a coward's death, and I am pleased he received it!
'I have sent some scouts to the furthest reaches of the cave in order to find the place where this craven Dunlending entered, that they may collapse it and any others they find. We cannot allow any more enemies to get behind the folk who shelter here.
'While me scouts undertake that mission, I ask you to reassure those who hide here that Théoden's warriors will keep them safe. Will you do that for me, my friend?'

Objective 2

  • Reassure sheltering folk that they will be safe (0/4)

Éomer has asked you to reassure the folk sheltering within the Glittering Caves that Théoden's warriors will keep them safe.

Éomer says, "There is still hope for Rohan!"
Sheltering Child says, "Do the men still fight? Can they hope to win?"
Sheltering Mother says, "There has been little word from outside since the fighting started."
Sheltering Child says, "There was a great booming sound, and the earth shook. Do you know what it was?"
Ardith says, "Why must you lie to us, <name>?"

Objective 3

  • Talk to Ardith in the Glittering Caves

A woman in the Glittering Caves has heard your reassurances but still has questions for you.

Ardith: 'I thank you for the kindness of your words, even if they are lies. Yes, I know of the Dunlendings that attempted to sneak into the caves.
'This is my daughter Léofa. It was she who stood with you and the dwarf against the Dunlending chief, and she has told me all. Do not think to hide such dangers from women of Rohan! We will fight and die for this land, if we must, no less eagerly than any of our men. If you think otherwise, you shame yourself.
'If the enemy finds us here, we will fight to protect the honour of Théoden King and of Rohan. So it has always been, and so it will be.'
Ardith says, "My daughter Léofa will fight, and so will I!"

Objective 4

  • Talk to Léofa in the Glittering Caves

Léofa, a child of the Westfold who helped you defeat Lheu Brenin in the Glittering Caves, wishes to speak with you.

Léofa: 'Hello again, <name>! It is nice to meet in less-dangerous circumstances, even if the reprieve won't last for long! I will fight a hundred Dunlending chiefs, and as many Orcs, if that is what it takes to protect my mother, or my father!
'You came to the caves only recently. Did you hear any news of my father while you were fighting outside? His name is Cenric and he has a distinctive wooden shield, given to him by a great hero before I was born: its edges are trimmed with gold, and it bears an embossed horse's head in the centre. He is very brave.'
You tell Léofa that you fought alongside Cenric at Helm's Dike earlier in the evening, but have not seen him since then.
'Ah, well, I am sure he is still fighting. He is very brave, you know.'

Gimli calls for your attention from nearby

Objective 5

  • Talk to Gimli in the Glittering Caves

Gimli is in the Glittering Caves, attempting to balance his awe at its beauty with the dangers contained within.

Gimli: 'I hope you are ready for some more fighting, <name>. One of Éomer's scouting parties did not come back when he expected, and he went in search of it. It seems to me they may have found the foes for which they searched, and now those enemies might think to ensnare Éomer. Let us go after him!'

Objective 6

  • Fight alongside Gimli in the Glittering Caves

Gimli is in the Glittering Caves, attempting to balance his awe at its beauty with the dangers contained within.

Gimli says, "Follow me, and keep your weapon ready!"
Gimli says, "We have come to assist you, Horse-lord!"

Objective 7

  • Talk to Éomer in the Glittering Caves

You and Gimli have fought a number of enterprising Orcs and found Éomer deep within the Glittering Caves, at the passage where his scouts disappeared.

Éomer: 'I have located my missing scouts, <name>, but I was not the first to find them... the spiders have found them first! Free my men and let these creatures know that the caves here belong to Rohan and its people!'

Objective 8

  • Defeat spiders in the Glittering Caves (0/10)
  • Free Éomer's scouts from cocooned imprisonment (0/4)

Spiders have trapped some of Éomer's scouts and must be slain if the men are to be freed.

Rohirrim Soldier says, "Thank you, thank you!"
Rohirrim Soldier says, "For Théoden!"
Rohirrim Soldier says, "You saved me!"
Rohirrim Soldier says, "Thank you, my friend! I will collapse this tunnel and prevent the arrival of more beasts!"
Rohirrim Soldier says, "Tell Éomer I have this well in hand!"

Objective 9

  • Talk to Éomer in the Glittering Caves

Éomer is waiting to hear of your success in the Glittering Caves.

Éomer: 'The folk sheltering in the caves should now be safe from attackers thinking to surprise them from tunnels in the mountains, but there are still foes in the Deep! We are needed outside, my friends!'