Quest:Storied Tale: The Deeping-coomb

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Storied Tale: The Deeping-coomb
Level 95
Type Solo
Repeatable Yes
Starts with Cenric
Starts at Helm's Deep (sunrise)
Start Region Helm's Deep (sunrise)
Map Ref [70.5N, 17.4W]
Quest Group Vol. III. Book 13
Reflecting Pool West Rohan Reflecting Pool
Quest Text

The Deeping-coomb

"The fire of Orthanc has broken the wall! To arms, to arms! Defend the coomb!"


Saruman's foul craft has claimed the lives of both his own Orc-warriors and Rohirrim defenders on the Deeping Wall. Now his forces seek to gain access to the valley through the wreckage that remains.

Objective 1

  • Talk to Aragorn in the Deeping-coomb

Aragorn has returned from his sortie with Éomer, and now he has an urgent task for you.

Aragorn: 'Saruman has used some foul craft to destroy part of the Deeping Wall, and the coomb lies undefended before his forces! Orcs and Dunlendings alike pour through the hole, wielding sword and axe, but I count other of their weapons more deadly: some of our foes carry devices bedecked with lit fuses. The black powder contained within is harmless on its own, but causes a tremendous explosion when set aflame. Did one of these destroy the wall?
'Slay our foes on this side of the wall, <name>, and extinguish the fuses of any lit devices you encounter!'

Objective 2

  • Defeat forces of Saruman inside the Deeping-coomb (0/10)
  • Extinguish lit fuses in the Deeping-coomb (0/4)

Aragorn has asked you to defeat the Orcs and Dunlendings that have passed through the hole in the Deeping Wall and threaten th Rohirrim within the Deeping-coomb. He also wants you to extinguish the lit fuses on any black powder devices you find.

Aragorn says, "Good luck, <name>!"

More black powder bombs can be found near the hole in the Deeping Wall!

Objective 3

  • Extinguish more black powder devices near the hole in the Deeping Wall (0/4)

The Orcs have set more devices containing black powder near the hole in the Deeping Wall, and the fuses have nearly reached the end of their short, dangerous lives!

Egláf is injured and needs your help to get away!

Egláf says, "<name>..."

Objective 4

Egláf needs your help to retreat further into the Deeping-coomb.

  • Help Egláf reach safety within the Deeping-coomb
Egláf says, "Thank you... friend..."
Egláf says, "I fell from the wall during the blast."
Egláf says, "I survived... but others were not so fortunate."
Egláf says, "The fighting rages on, but for what? Can we hope to win?"
Egláf says, "Over there... a friendly face?"
Léofdag says, "Hoy, there!"

Objective 5

Léofdag and the rest of the Riders Four delight to stand alongside you in defence of their land, and together they hope to push back Saruman's forces.

Léofdag: 'I should have known to see you here, <name>, for heroes such as you are oft encountered where the fighting is thickest and the need most pressing! So it is with the Riders Four!
'Who is this injured man? Egláf, you say? Come with us, my friend, if your leg allows you to stand. You may find a moment's respite within the mill, and take the chance to bind your wounds.
'<name>! I will bring you to my captain, and to the others. There will be deeds of valour to perform on this night, enough for the Riders Four and more beside, I do not doubt!'

Objective 6

  • Fight alongside Léofdag and the Riders Four

Léofdag and the rest of the Riders Four delight to stand alongside you in defence of their land, and together they hope to push back Saruman's forces.

Léofdag says, "This way!"
Léofdag says, "Hutha, what news?"
Hutha says, "Another group makes for the mill, Léofdag!"
Burnoth says, "Riders four, prepare yourselves! Stand with us, <name>!"
Léofdag says, "To me!"

The Riders Four (and Friend) have achieved their victory!

Hutha says, "For honour and glory!"
Léofdag says, "For honour and glory!"
Ulf says, "For honour and glory!"

Objective 7

  • Talk to Burnoth in the Deeping-coomb

You have fought bravely against the forces of Saruman with the Riders Four in the Deeping-coomb, and now their captain Burnoth wishes to speak with you.

Burnoth: 'The victory is ours, and the night is not yet ended; there will be plenty of time for more deeds of valour, my friend. Ah, do not worry yourself on our account! The Riders Four have seen worse scrapes than this, and I deem you have as well.
'Take care of yourself, <name>, and of Théoden King! We will defend Rohan to the very last!'