Quest:Protecting the Gatehouse

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Protecting the Gatehouse
Level 100
Type Solo
Repeatable Yes
Starts at The Hornburg
Start Region Westfold
Quest Group The Hornburg
Quest Text


The central gatehouse of the Hornburg is being assaulted by a large battering ram. The enemy has made an aggressive move to attempt to penetrate the central entrance and if successful will make it near impossible for the Rohirrim to hold against multiple fronts.


  • Allow the engineers to fortify the door (0/24)
  • Do not allow doors to be destroyed
  • Do not allow the engineers to be defeated (0/4)
  • Do not allow the Gatehouse Door to be destroyed

Merit Rating

This quest starts with Partial Rating Merit.

  • Major Merit Gain
    • Battering ram damaged
  • Major Merit Loss
    • Door is structurally damaged
    • Rohirrim engineer is defeated
    • Gatehouse guard is defeated