Quest:Of Dreams and Desires

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Of Dreams and Desires
Level 115
Type Solo
Starts with Tárasánë
Starts at Caras Tilion
Start Region Eryn Lasgalen and the Dale-lands
Map Ref [13.4N, 38.5W]
Ends with King Thranduil
Ends at Felegoth
End Region Felegoth
Map Ref [48.2N, 127.2W]
Quest Group The Lay of Rust and Rime
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'I knew well that you would return to this place, <name>.

'I have watched you for many years, and I have witnessed your fate shape itself anew time and again. Where now does it lead?

'My lord has warned me that the ending of the Darkness will not heal all the ills of Middle-earth, and so I remain. My eyes see far beyond those of this realm. I cannot see all that will come to pass, but I shall know the desires of those that stand before me. I know what you seek, but it is my will to decide what knowledge shall come to you.'

'What tide of fate has brought you here to me?'


The Green Lady once dwelled in the heights of the Emyn-nu-Fuin, but that was long before the darkening of Mirkwood.

Objective 1

Tárasánë, the Green Lady, can be found in the ruins of Caras Tilion.

The Green Lady desires to learn your intentions in seeking an audience with her.

Tárasánë: 'Sleep now, <race>, and I shall know why you have come....'

Objective 2

  • Talk to Tárasánë, the Green Lady

Tárasánë, the Green Lady, can be found in the ruins of Caras Tilion.

You have experienced a great vision brought on by the Green Lady.

Tárasánë: 'See you now what awaits you?
'Those of the Uttermost West have not turned their gaze from this realm, but my lord has bidden me to stay my hand in such matters of strife. The Enemy has been defeated, but he will not be the last to seek dominion over the folk of Middle-earth. It is a tale of rust and rime: The Warrior and the Herald will come at last and each shall seek to ensnare the other.
'Of what you have seen, do not succumb to despair. See in what I have shown you that hope still remains.'

Objective 3

Thranduil can be found in Felegoth.

You have witnessed the power of the Green Lady and should now return to King Thranduil.

King Thranduil: 'I thought Tárasánë was lost evermore, <name>....'
Thranduil appears to gaze through you for a moment, and a subtle look of sorrow washes over his face.
'This vision of which you speak is a grim portent, and I fear we shall be drawn into the coming conflict between Karazgar and the Herald of Winter. It seems that much is certain, but I do not know if the North can bear another conflict so soon.
'I shall send word to the Queen Regent and the King Under the Mountain at once. We shall decide what is to be done!'
Next week: Treachery in Esgaroth