Quest:Making Mischief

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Making Mischief
Level ...
Type Solo
Repeatable Yes
Starts with Gareth Rust
Starts at Winter-home
Start Region Frostbluff
Map Ref [12.0N, 95.7W]
Quest Group Frostbluff
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'Back again? Maybe I spoke unjustly the first time we met. Mayor Goodnough's wish to please the folk like you is the reason folk like me go hungry this winter. But you don't seem like a bad sort, despite the Mayor seeming to like you.

'If you want to earn yet more favour with me and my fellows here, you surely won't object to playing a little prank on the Mayor for the sport of the real townsfolk.

'The mayor has some fireworks stored near the festival area, and he's intent on saving them for just the right moment. If you set off where they are, you'll ruin the show (at least for him.) While the patrons are distracted, you should pinch Frostbluff Coins from their pockets! I can think of better uses for those coins....'


You will earn the respect of Gareth Rust if you manage to make trouble at the festival.

Objective 1

The fireworks are stored at the top of the stairs overlooking the Festival Square.

You should set off the fireworks to distract the wealthy patrons of the Festival.

Gareth Rust: 'If you can pick the pockets of those silly distracted patrons, I'll have a great deal of respect for you, <name>. Money is wasted on folk like them!'
You have set off some distracting fireworks.

Objective 2

  • Pick pockets of wealthy patrons (0/8)

Many wealthy patrons have been distracted by your mischief!

You should pick the pockets of the wealthy patrons for coins to give to the poor.

Objective 3

  • Return to Gareth Rust with the pilfered coins

Gareth Rust is in the workers' area in Winter-home.

You should return to Gareth Rust and find out if he saw your excellent firework display.

Gareth Rust: 'That was quite a display, <name>! And judging from how close they were, I'll warrant you sent the mayor into a fit and disrupted things rather nicely!
'Well done, well done. Here, you should keep half of what you managed to collect. These coins will be enough to spread out among my friends so that they won't go hungry tonight!'