Quest:Justice Served

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Justice Served
Level 84
Type Solo
Starts with Fastred
Starts at Mead Hall of Snowbourn
Start Region Sutcrofts
Ends with Gísling
Ends at Snowbourn
End Region Sutcrofts
Map Ref [60.2S, 61.7W]
Quest Chain Snowbourn
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'Sigeric will pay for his actions against Rohan, <name>. Of this, you can be certain.

'Let us travel to the prison and speak with him. I will meet you there.'


The Rohirrim of Snowbourn have captured Sigeric from the croft where you defeated him.

Objective 1

  • Meet Fastred in the prison of Snowbourn

Fastred is in the prison of Snowbourn, located near the Mead Hall.

Fastred wants you to meet with him so that he can right his recent wrongs.

Fastred says, "Sigeric! You thought you could deceive me so?"
Sigeric says, "Did I not? If it were not for your lapdog there, you would have known none the wiser!"
Fastred says, "Hold your tongue, wretch, or I shall pull it from you."
Fastred says, "<name>, come here..."

Objective 2

  • Talk to Fastred in the prison of Snowbourn

Fastred has told you to meet him in the prison of Snowbourn, located near the Mead Hall.

You should speak with Fastred, as he instructed.

Fastred: 'Before all else, I will right the wrong that was done here.
'Gísling, you are free. For your imprisonment, I am deeply sorry. You will always find Snowbourn a home, and anything you desire will be yours.
'<name> will let you out of your cell, then we will deal with this wretch.'

Objective 3

  • Release Gísling from his cell

Gísling's cell is inside the prison of Snowbourn.

You should open Gísling's cell and return to him his freedom now that Sigeric has been exposed as a traitor.

Gísling says, "Thank you, Fastred... for righting this wrong."
Gísling looks as if he wishes to say something to Fastred, but he remains silent
Gísling says, "And thank you, <name>... please come speak to me outside when you can."

Objective 4

  • Talk to Gísling in Snowbourn

Gísling can be found in eastern Snowbourn to the north of the east gate.

You should speak with Gísling now that he has been freed from his imprisonment.

Gísling: 'Thank you for everything, <name>.
'Fastred's wrath is a very dangerous thing, but his heart is in the right place. I say this, even with all that I have been through these past few days.
'Let us now deal with Sigeric. Such a fool cannot be allowed to go without punishment.'