Quest:Introduction: Imlad Morgul

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Introduction: Imlad Morgul
Level 123
Type Solo
Starts with Ingold
Starts at Fennas Gost
Start Region Morgul Vale
Map Ref [64.3S, 7.6E]
Ends with Damrod
Ends at Echad Uial
End Region Morgul Vale
Map Ref [65.0S, 4.2E]
Quest Group Imlad Morgul: Rath Dúath
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

Ingold: <name>, I did not think to see you again. I heard that urgent matters took you away from the conquest of Gorgoroth and sent you far to the north. Well, much has transpired while you were gone, my friend. The Masters of Mordor have turned their attention upon the Dead City. I know not why, but their power has grown and whatever reasons they have for coming to Minas Morgul must be fell purposes indeed! We have come to stop them before they achieve... whatever it is they seek to achieve.'
'We have found Faramir in good health, commanding the Rangers of Ithilien. They entered the Morgul Vale, and it is their design to cleanse the city of evil and reclaim it for King Elessar. Faramir established an encampment, Echad Uial, nearer the city. If you should travel there, they will be glad to have your aid.


Those in the conquest of Gorgoroth and those in fealty to Gondor work together to cleanse the Morgul Vale and the fortress of Minas Morgul of the evils that inhabit them.

Objective 1

Echad Uial can be found in Rath Dúath.

You should travel to Echad Uial.

From the hidden camp of Echad Uial, the dream of cleansing the Morgul Vale is in sight

Objective 2

Damrod and Thurindol can be found at Echad Uial.

You should talk to Damrod and Thurindol.

Damrod: 'Welcome to Echad Uial, <name>. Within any wood, we Rangers know how to travel at speed while remaining hidden; I find myself much more at home here than I did in the barren Wastes, where we last spoke. Come, we have much to discuss.'
You and Damrod share stories and the account of your recent adventures.
'Then you will assist us here in Rath Dúath, for now? Good! You have not changed, my friend. I am glad to hear it, for we have need of you here. Did you think otherwise?'
Thurindol: '<name>, you have returned! I'll wager your journey to the north was a success if you have returned to assist us at this hour.
'While we successfully secured Talath Úrui, fumes and fire aside, the memory of that place still unsettles me. Borangos has remained hidden, but I saw tendrils of his thought everywhere, and his servants still haunt me. Now they are gone, and it is as if they never were. Where did they go, and for what purpose?
'Pressing matters in the Morgul Vale drew us hither, and I must leave Talath Úrui behind. I will try not to dwell upon it, but still I worry. Let us aid Faramir with his task here, and we will turn to the matter of vanquished Borangos when the city is cleansed!
'I am glad you are here.'

Objective 3

  • Complete quests in Rath Dúath to establish a hold in the area. (0/15)

Complete quests in Rath Dúath to establish a hold in the area.

Objective 4

Damrod can be found at Echad Uial.

You should talk to Damrod.

Damrod: 'You have done much to assist us in Rath Dúath, and I thank you for your efforts. Still, the Morgul vale is filled with unspeakable dangers. Both the hills and the city must be faced and conquered if we are to banish this evil and cleanse the vale of the corruption that has seized it for so long.'