Quest:Intro: Siege to the South

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Intro: Siege to the South
Level 3
Type Solo
Starts with Captain Brackenbrook
Starts at Archet
Start Region Archet
Map Ref [25.0S, 48.8W]
Ends with Cal Sprigley
Ends at Sprigley's Farm
End Region Archet
Map Ref [27.7S, 48.0W]
Quest Group Introduction (Hobbit/Man)
Race(s) Hobbit, Man
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'Does Ned speak true of his prisoner? If so, we would be wise to investigate Otto's threat of trouble in the south. I'll not question Calder Cob's lifetime of loyalty if there is no truth to back it up.

'But if you and Ned are right in your suspicion, this will be a very bad situation for us.

'Cal Sprigley's farm is to the south of here, near the gate to the town of Combe. If aught is going on, he'll know!'


Captain Brackenbrook, worried about Otto the Brigand's mention of a Blackwold attack from the south of Archet, has asked you to travel to Cal Sprigley's farm to find proof of the brigands' intentions.

Objective 1

  • Talk to Cal Sprigley to assess the Blackwold threat in the south

Cal Sprigley can be found at his farm in the southernmost part of Archet.

You should speak with Cal Sprigley to assess the reality of the Blackwold threat.

Captain Brackenbrook: 'Cal Sprigley's farm is south of here, beyond Bronwë's Folly if you follow the road towards Combe. I hope Cal can set this mess straight....'
Cal Sprigley: 'A stranger, eh? If Brackenbrook sent you, I'll take you in. I'm afraid you're the best thing that's happened to us all day!'