Quest:Instance: Unnatural Winter

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Instance: Unnatural Winter
Level 85
Type Solo
Starts with Gléowine
Starts at Dunfast
Start Region Wildermore
Quest Group Vol. III. Book 10
Reflecting Pool Wildermore Reflecting Pool
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

"We will go together to investigate Dunfast. What has happened here?"


Gléowine is concerned about the home in which he grew up, in the town of Dunfast, and wants to see what has become of it.

You are investigating what has happened to Dunfast, the village where Gléowine was born.

Objective 1

Gléowine is outside the village, waiting to speak with you.

Gléowine: 'From here Dunfast looks much as I remember but... where are all the people? Let us walk into the village and see if anyone remains who can tell us what happened.'

Objective 2

Gléowine says, "When I left Dunfast I was a young man, <name>."
Gléowine says, "So much of my life was ahead of me."

Objective 3

Corudan senses that you are being watched.

Gléowine says, "Look, over here! Someone disturbed these sacks!"
Gléowine says, "Do you see anyone?"
Horn says, "I think we are alone."
The quiet here is oppressive, as if not a breath stirs for leagues
Corudan says, "I am not so certain, Horn. I feel as if we are being watched."

Objective 4

Corudan senses that you are being watched.

Corudan: 'I feel eyes on us, <name>, but I cannot tell if they be hostile or friendly eyes. Stay on your guard.'
Gléowine says, "This is the house of my childhood."
Gléowine says, "Was it always this size? It seemed much larger to me then."
Horn says, "Ah, what have we here?"

Objective 5

Horn, Corudan, and Gléowine are exploring Dunfast, and you should do the same.

Objective 6

Horn believes he has found Corudan's mysterious watcher, and is ready to seize the opportunity to reveal it!

Horn is prepared to seize the mysterious watcher in Dunfast before he can pose a threat!

Horn: 'I think I have found the location of our mysterious watcher, <name>. There is someone hiding in this bush. Be ready for anything, and I will seize this person before he can pose a threat!'
Horn says, "Be ready! I am going to frighten our watcher out of hiding."
Gléowine says, "Careful, Horn! It might be an Orc!"
Corudan says, "That would be a small Orc indeed to fit inside that bush."
Horn says, "I am ready for anything."
Horn says, "Ah!"
Gléowine says, "A shrew!"

Objective 7

  • Help Horn brush himself off and salvage his dignity

Horn could use your help to stand up and salvage as much of his dignity as possible.

Horn says, "Could you give me a hand, <name>?"
Horn: 'Thank you, <name>. It is better to be safe and to bruise one’s dignity a small amount than to be surprised by some dangerous foe, is it not?.
'This time it was a shrew. Next time it might be a hidden enemy. Perhaps Corudan can flush the next watcher out of hiding, and I will be the one laughing?'

Objective 8

  • You sense someone staring at the four of you

You still sense a watchful presence in Dunfast, and should find who or what it is that watches.

Horn says, "<name>, what have you found?"

Objective 9

Nona has returned, but she does not seem happy to see you. What will this mean for Horn?

Nona stares at you with haunted eyes, a look of surprise on her face
Horn says, "Nona!"
Horn says, "You came back!"
Horn says, "You must have tracked us for many days to find us in Wildermore!"
Nona says, "I did not, Horn. I did not look for you."
Horn says, "What?"
Nona says, "I did not know you would be in this village. I came here for supplies."
Horn says, "We have enough to spare."
Nona says, "I cannot travel with you again, Horn!"
Horn says, "Why do you say that?"
Nona says, "There is a city to the north. I found people there, dying in the snow."
Nona says, "I brought them safely to a cave in the mountains."
Nona says, "They are still too weak to survive on their own."
Nona says, "I came to this village to steal food and supplies for them."
Nona says, "I cannot adventure with you any longer."
Horn says, "When they are stronger..."
Nona says, "I will promise nothing, Horn. I am sorry."
Corudan says, "Nona, it is good to see you again. How can we help the people in your care?"
Nona says, "I have been looking for root vegetables like the ones of Dunland."
Nona says, "<name> knows of them. They have curative properties."
Nona says, "I need to get back."
Horn says, "Nona! You left your brother's sword with me. Let me return it."
Horn says, "It desires to be with you, I know it."
Nona says, "Horn..."
Nona says, "Please keep it. I am Wadu's Ghost no longer."

Objective 10

Horn is down-hearted following your encounter with Nona in the empty village of Dunfast.

Horn: 'I don't understand, <name>. It has been days since last I beheld Nona, and my affection for her has only grown during that time. The fondness she felt for me before we came to Eaworth... has it gone? Did I imagine it? I cannot have!'
Horn is greatly distressed, but you have no easy words of comfort.
Corudan: 'One look at Nona's face told me she had not been prepared to see Horn in Dunfast. She has not yet resolved her feelings for him. Caring for the injured folk she mentioned may have caused her to delay in resolving her thoughts, or perhaps it is so difficult a riddle she needs more time to untangle a solution, even without the distraction of responsibility.
'Horn may appear inconsolable, but he need not despair. I have not given up on our Dunlending fire-brand, and neither should he.'
Gléowine: 'That is the woman who has taken Horn's heart from him? He has spoken of her a great deal to me since we have been journeying together, but not once did he mention she was a Dunlending tribes-woman!
'And she came to this town, the town of my childhood, seeking to steal its goods and provisions?'
Gléowine shakes his head.
'Ah, I remember what it was like to be young, when blood and passions flared in spring-time. I am not fit to judge them. If Horn misses her so, I hope she will reconsider her dismissal of him.'

Objective 11

  • Talk with Horn outside Dunfast

Horn is waiting to speak with you outside Dunfast.

Nona reappeared again, but the reunion did not proceed as Horn wished. He is waiting to speak with you.

Horn: 'I do not know what to think, <name>. That reunion did not proceed as I might have wished.'

Completed: Instance: Unnatural Winter