Quest:Instance: The Shadow in Morthond

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Instance: The Shadow in Morthond
Level 100
Type Solo or Fellowship
Starts with Rovalang
Starts at Hill of Erech
Start Region Blackroot Vale
Map Ref [58.1S, 64.6W]
Quest Chain Vol. IV. Book 1
Quest Text

Bestowal Dialog

The Shadow in Morthond
"A great beast flew out of the mountains, and now I fear a creature of much evil stalks the Blackroot Vale..."


You and Rovalang have gone to the foot of the White Mountains in search of the creature he saw.

Objective 1

You have come to the foothills of the White Mountains in the company of Rovalang, searching for the terrible beast he saw flying above the Blackroot Vale.

Rovalang: 'A cold sensation has gripped my heart, <name>. Do you feel it too? I believe we draw near to the creature I beheld above the mountains!'
'Before we proceed, are there any companions on which you can rely? Are we on or own, or do you have a Fellowship near at hand? Speak to me again and tell me which is true!'

Objective 2

  • Talk to Rovalang and declare your intentions

Rovalang has asked if you have a Fellowship with you. You should explain the situation to him.

(Choose one:)
<name> 'I will succeed by myself!'
Rovalang: 'We can only depend on the two of us, friend. May it be enough to defeat the evil that has come to Blackroot Vale!'
<name>: 'Very well!' (--this triggers the solo version of the instance--)

<name>: 'I will succeed with my Fellowship!'
Rovalang: 'You are fortunate to have a Fellowship of such hardy folk, my friend. Let all of us confront the evil that has come to Blackroot Vale!'
<name>: 'Let us hurry!' (--this triggers the fellowship version of the instance--)

Objective 3

  • Climb the slope and stop the Nazgûl from learning of Aragorn's passage. Rovalang must not be defeated.'
  • Time until the Nazgûl learns of Aragorn's passage: 7m

You must find the Nazgûl and prevent it from learning of Aragorn's passage.

Rovalang says, "Very well, <name>. Let us waste no more daylight!"
Rovalang says, "Look! More maddened creatures! It must be the doing of the beast I saw..."
Rovalang says, "By the King of Gondor!"
Rovalang says, "What a terrible creature! But worse: do you see what it bears upon its back?"
Rovalang says, "That is a saddle, or I am a dwarf!"
Rovalang says, "We must slip around it and find this beast's master."
Rovalang says, "Careful, now..."
Rovalang says, "A little further..."
Rovalang says, "We made it! Now we must hurry!"
The Nazgûl has not yet learned of Aragorn's passage. Hope remains, for now!

Objective 4

  • Defeat the Nazgûl before Drugât emerges from the Paths of the Dead. Rovalang must not be defeated.
  • Time until the Nazgûl encounterd Drugât: 5m

If the Nazgûl is able to learn of Aragorn's passage, the Ranger's advantage will be lost. You must defeat the Nazgûl before he can meet with Drugât!

Rovalang says, "Halt, creature! This is no place for you!"
The Bane of Rhûn says, "All places belong to my Master."
The Bane of Rhûn says, "You are the ones who trespass."
The Bane of Rhûn says, "I am the Bane of Rhûn; I go where I will."
The Bane of Rhûn says, "Who are you to deny me?"
Rovalang says, "I am Rovalang, a Swan-knight of Dol Amroth!"
Rovalang says, "This is <name>, a <class> of great fame and tremendous skill!"
The Bane of Rhûn says, "<name>?"
The Bane of Rhûn says, "You are known to us! You will not leave this place alive!"
You have struck the Nazgûl a grievous blow: you have kept from it dangerous knowledge

Objective 5

You and Rovalang faced down the Nazgûl who was spotted above the Blackroot Vale. You should talk to Rovalang and hear his opinion about the events.

Rovalang: 'I have never before been in the presence of such evil, <name>! Let us leave this place, and then we will speak of it... but not before!
'We will speak when we have left this place, my friend.'