Quest:Instance: The Retaking of Cair Andros

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Instance: The Retaking of Cair Andros
Level 105
Type Solo
Starts with Duinhir
Starts at Caladuil
Start Region North Ithilien
Map Ref [48.8S, 12.6W]
Quest Group North Ithilien
Quest Text

Bestowal Dialogue

"The Faint-hearted, that I have dismissed, now wish to quell their shame by retaking the island fortress of Cair Andros, for Gondor."


With the Enemy alerted, the Faint-hearted are left with no choice but to retake the island with haste.

Objective 1

  • Fight through Cair Andros with Duinhir and his men
  • Duinhir must survive

Fight through Cair Andros with Duinhir and his men.

Duinhir says, "We must reclaim the island fortress!"
Faint-hearted Soldier says, "I will flank them from the right!"
Duinhir says, "Come! We must hold this part of the island!"
Faint-hearted Soldier says, "More men join the fray to the south!"
Duinhir says, "This way!"
Faint-hearted Soldier says, "We must hurry and help our friends to the north!"
Duinhir says, "Fight them to the last!"
Duinhir says, "The fighting intensifies!"

Objective 2

  • Defend your ground
  • Duinhir must survive

Defend your ground in hope that additional support arrives to aid in the fight.

Faint-hearted Soldier says, "A blockade!"
Duinhir says, "We will stand our ground!"
Mordor Warrior says, "I'm gonna make you suffer!"
Haradrim Shield-bearer says, "None of you will survive this battle!"
Tolwin says, "Mother, look!"
Dúneth says, "You can count on us, <name>!"
Dúneth says, "We have come right to the thick of battle, it seems!"
Tolwin says, "You returned, <name>, just as you said you would!"

Objective 3

Defeat the four lieutenants of Cair Andros as you fight along side Tolwin, Dúneth, and Duinhir.

Duinhir says, "I thank you for your assistance."
Duinhir says, "I assume these two are friends of yours, <name>?"
Dúneth says, "Indeed. This was once our home."
Duinhir says, "I am glad to fight with you, and help you retake your home."
Duinhir says, "We have yet to secure the prow."
Dúneth says, "We must not spare another moment, lest our foes regroup!"
Tolwin says, "This way!"
Faint-hearted Soldier says, "Move on! I will defend this position!"
Faint-hearted Soldier says, "Push onward, Duinhir! I will maintain this position!"
Sárgrish says, "I'll show you who owns this island!"
Sárgrish says, "You may have killed Molvagúr, but you won't kill me!"
Sárgrish says, "How can this be?!"
Hurshála says, "Our allegiance is sworn!"
Tolwin says, "More of those axe-men!"
Hurshála says, "Your fate is sealed!"
Hurshála says, "I am not worthy, my brothers!"
Defeated Hurshála
Dúneth says, "We stand together. They are no match for us!"
Duinhir says, "We will see victory this day!"
Ursajun says, "This is as far as you go!"
Ursajun says, "No more from you!"
Ursajun says, "You may have my life, but you will never have the east!"
Defeated Ursajun
Duinhir says, "Cair Andros is almost ours!"
Dúneth says, "Who stands uninvited atop the prow? Who comes unasked to our home?"
Tolwin says, "I am not afraid of them!"
Dúneth says, "Remove yourself, or I will use force."
Thaukbag says, "You have come far enough, filth."
Thaukbag says, "There is nothing to discuss. Your deaths will be swift."
Thaukbag says, "Let us put an end to these fools!"
Thaukbag says, "This ground is ours!"
Thaukbag says, "If you want this land, you'll need to take it from me!"
Thaukbag says, "You will never defeat the might of Mordor!"
Defeated Thaukbag

Objective 4

  • Talk to Tolwin
  • Talk to Dúneth

Talk to Tolwin and Dúneth.

Tolwin: '<name>! It is good to see you again! You kept your word, like you said you would. You vowed to help retake my home for my family. I have trained and waited for this day ever since you departed Crithost. Now, let us reclaim the rest of Cair Andros!'
Dúneth: 'I knew in my heart that I would see you again. I knew it was you when I saw the smoke of battle rising from off the island. We rushed over as quickly as we could muster. I wanted to be there on the day that Cair Andros once again belonged to Gondor. I want to help restore the home of my dearly departed husband, Gilgir.'

Objective 5

  • Walk together to the prow of Cair Andros

Walk together to the prow of Cair Andros.

Tolwin says, "Mother, we have really retaken our home."
Dúneth says, "Yes, Tolwin, I am proud of your courage and your bravery."
Tolwin says, "If only father and my brothers were here to see this moment."
Tharduin says, "Father, from where does the water of the Anduin come?"
Gilthand says, "Does it come from far away?"
Gilgír says, "Tharduin... Gilthand... my boys..."
Gilgír says, "The source of the Anduin is very far from here."
Dúneth says, "They are here, in our hearts, my dear."
Gilgír says, "It flows beside many shores, past the varied cultures of the north."
Gilgír says, "What different languages does it hear as it flows beside those lands?"
Gilgír says, "Even now, that life and knowledge is carried in the current."
Gilgír says, "The water sees much as it travels."
Gilgír says, "It leads to a new journey upon ocean waves."
Gilgír says, "Even when we are gone, the Anduin will flow, just as it does now."

Objective 6

  • Talk to Duinhir
'I see your friend Dúneth and the boy Tolwin. You have done much to improve their lives as they faced devastating hardship.
'I, too, should thank you for lifting my own shadow. I was wholly overcome with sorrow for the loss of my sons. I could not see my hands held out before me. What folly! Instead of honouring their sacrifice, I tarnished my name and theirs.
'I am not fool enough to think that Cair Andros will undo my mistakes. No, my friend, I shall need to take charge in the future. I shall make sure that those from Harad will pay for the crimes against Gondor and against my family.'
'Come, there is much to do in securing this island.'