Quest:Instance: The Moot

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Instance: The Moot
Level 95
Type Session Play
Quest Chain Vol. III. Book 14
Quest Text

Bestowal Dialogue

The Moot
"Pip and I had escaped into Fangorn Forest, but we did not know if we would find safety under the eaves..."


Merry has agreed to fill you in on how he and Pippin met the Ent named Treebeard, and what happened afterwards.

Objective 1

You have heard the sound of two curious creatures speaking to one another, and should investigate.

'We didn't see him at first, and why not?'
'We had never seen anything like Treebeard before!'
'Except for trees, I suppose. He does look rather tree-ish.'
Small Creature says, "It looks quite lovely in the sunlight, Merry. I daresay I could almost like this shaggy forest."
Small Creature says, "Oh my!"
Small Creature says, "Who are you? And what?"

Objective 2

  • Learn the nature of the curious little creatures

The creatures seem to offer no threat, but you have not seen their like before.

Objective 3

  • Talk to one of the curious creatures

One of the curious creatures wishes to speak with you. How peculiar.

Small Creature: 'Well, it is nice to meet you, Treebeard. I have never met an Ent before! My name is Peregrin Took, but my friends call me Pippin, or Pip. I am a hobbit.'
Small Creature says, "You've never heard of hobbits before?"
Small Creature says, "I suppose we are always getting left off the old lists and stories."
Pippin says, "How about you add a line for us? Something like..."
Pippin says, "Hmmm..."
Pippin says, "Half-grown hobbits, the hole-dwellers!"
Small Creature says, "Nice one, Pip!"

Objective 4

The other hobbit wishes to speak with you.

Small Creature: 'It is pleasure to meet you, Treebeard. My name is Meriadoc Brandybuck, but most people call me Merry. We have become separated from our friends, and it seems that Saruman's Orcs would very much like to find us again and bring us to their master.'

Objective 5

You have decided to show these curious little creatures, these hobbits, to your home.

'He has a peculiar way about him, but he seemed friendly enough to us.'
'He offered to take us to his home. Or one of them. He has a few.'

Objective 6

One of your new hobbit friends, Pippin, wants to speak with you.

Pippin: 'Are you certain this is the right place, Treebeard? I don't see a house anywhere.'

Objective 7

  • Show your new hobbit friends the way to your home

You have decided to show the hobbits to your home.

Pippin says, "Look at the size of that tree, Merry!"
Merry says, "Is it far, Treebeard?"
Pippin says, "Now what, Treebeard?"
Merry says, "Behind the waterfall? Oh, that is clever!"
'It was a rather lovely place, actually.'
'Quite homey, in its own way.'
Pippin says, "I see a table, but no hobbit-sized chairs!"
'He offered us a drink that would keep us... what did he say?'
'"Green and growing for a long, long time," that was it.'

Objective 8

  • Pick up the container of Ent-draught

Your new hobbit friends may enjoy a sip of Ent-draught.

Objective 9

  • Pick up three bowls with which to serve your friends and yourself

You should pick up two bowls for your hobbit friends and one for yourself.

Objective 10

  • Bring the bowels of Ent-draught to your new hobbit friends

Your hobbit friends could use a sip of Ent-draught. You should bring them the bowls you picked up.

Objective 11

  • Wait for your new hobbit-friends to finish drinking the Ent-draught

The hobbits seem to be enjoying the Ent-draught.

Pippin says, "What?"
'The drink tasted like water, but it was even better and more refreshing!'
'A healthy sensation coursed from the hair on my toes to the hair on my head!'

Objective 12

  • Talk to Merry in Wellinghall

Merry wishes to speak with you about something.

Merry: 'That was delicious, Treebeard! I feel refreshed and invigorated, as if I had bountiful reserves of energy and could use them for anything at all!
'But we were going to tell you how we came to be in your forest, weren't we? I hope I have energy enough for tale-telling!'
'Our conversation eventually turned to Saruman, and Isengard.'
'Treebeard decided something had to be done.'

Objective 13

You have called a moot of your people to decide what is to be done concerning Saruman.

Objective 14

  • Talk to Pippin on the way to Derndingle

You have brought the hobbits to Derndingle, where the Ents will discuss the matter of Saruman. You should tell the young one what to expect.

Pippin: 'I do not know what to expect, Treebeard... are all of the Ents like you?'

Objective 15

  • Follow the hobbits to Derndingle

Many of your people have come to Derndingle to discuss the matter of Saruman.

Merry says, "There are so many of them!"
Merry says, "Do you think they will agree with you about Saruman, Treebeard?"
Pippin says, "Only one way to find out, Merry! He has to ask them!"
'Now, Ents take a long time to discuss things.'
'A looooong time.'
'A verrrrry long time.'

Objective 16

  • Convince Baldbark that something must be done

Baldbark needs to be convinced.

Baldbark: 'Greetings to you, my friend from long ago, when the forest was young and we were not full-grown. Many seasons have turned since last we spoke together in the light of either sun or moon. It is many Ent-strides from my home. Why have you called me to this place?'
You greet Baldbark and reminisce about conversations shared and absent friends. Eventually you speak of Saruman.
'I have been made aware of the Wizard's crimes. He worked great evil in the reaches of the forest near my own home. I agree that something must be done. What will the others say of this?'
You thank Baldbark for his supportive words, and wish him well in the debate to come.

Objective 17

  • Convince Beechbone that something must be done

Beechbone needs to be convinced.

Beechbone: You greet Beechbone, a handsome Ent. His path has crossed with yours several times recently, and the memory of those pleasant conversations is still somewhat fresh. After a polite amount of time, your words turn to the matter of Saruman.
'You speak of our neighbour as if he is an enemy, and indeed, he does not seem to be the friend he was once. Fumes rise from his home and the smell gives my nose offence, but that is not a crime. Orcs, too, could come from any number of holes. What evidence marks Saruman as their master?'
Beechbone politely declines to discuss the matter with you further, but he agrees to listen to the debate and may in time come around to your point of view.

'It seemed to us they might discuss things forever!'

Objective 18

  • Convince Quickbeam that something must be done

Quickbeam needs to be convinced.

Quickbeam: You exchange pleasantries with Quickbeam, one of the younger Ents. His home is not far from Derndingle, and sometimes you have seen him walking in the sunlight among the trees. Before much time has passed, the conversation turns to Saruman. Quickbeam seems to have some idea of the Wizard's crimes already.
'Saruman has much for which to answer. He is a tree-killer, and we have been quiet neighbours for too long already. You find me over-hasty, I know, but in this there seems to be little need for discussion, Fangorn. I have quite made up my mind.'
You tell Quickbeam of the two young hobbits you met, and ask if he will watch them while you speak to the rest of the Ents at the moot. He readily agrees.

'This story is taking longer than I thought it would!'
'Are you hungry? I have become a little peckish.'

Objective 19

  • Talk to Merry

You should tell the hobbits that Quickbeam will go with them while the moot continues.

Merry: 'You Ents certainly do take a long time to make up your minds, Treebeard! I feel certain we could have decided this matter six or seven times over if we were still in the Shire!'
Merry and Pippin listen as you explain that Quickbeam will watch over them. You feel certain they will like the young Ent, for he is quite hasty in many respects.
'Well, if you say so, Treebeard! I think you might consider the slow drip of honey in the comb quite hasty in comparison to yourself, so Pip and I will be the judge of that, if you don't mind!'