Quest:Instance: Even In Darkness

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Instance: Even In Darkness
Level 100
Type Solo or Fellowship
Starts with Aragorn
Starts at Camp of the Grey Host
Start Region Lebennin
Map Ref [82.6S, 37.5W]
Quest Chain Vol. IV. Book 2
Reflecting Pool Central Gondor Reflecting Pool
Quest Text

Bestowal Dialogue

Even In Darkness
"We must storm the Night-jewel and put an end to Balakhôr and the threat of Umbar!"


The Corsair attack on Pelargir has been turned back, in large part, but Balakhôr himself must still be defeated if their threat is to be ended.

Objective 1

Legolas, Aragorn, and Gimli have fought through the city to the docks.

Legolas is waiting to speak with you concerning the number of allies you might have ready at hand.

Legolas: 'The Corsairs are routed, <name>! They flee before the Army of the Dead and Aragorn's grim countenance! They flee before you and me, and before stout-hearted Gimli as well!
'But Balakhôr remains, my good <class>, and until he is defeated we cannot trust that this victory will last. He is surely aboard the Night-jewel.
'Before you storm the flagship in search of him, tell me this: do you have further allies to aid with this, or will you stand alone with Aragorn and Gimli?'

Objective 2

  • Talk to Legolas and declare your intentions

Legolas has asked if you plan to take on Balakhôr by yourself or if you have a Fellowship near at hand.

Legolas: 'Do you plan to take on Balakhôr by yourself, or do you have a Fellowship near at hand? Give me your answer, <name>, and quickly, before the battle is ended!'
(Choose one:)

'<name>' 'By myself, Legolas!'
Legolas: 'You will have us with you, so you will not be fully alone. I will take up position on these steps and worry those who trouble you with the sharpness of my arrows and the keen eyes of my people!'
'<name>': 'All right!' (--this triggers the solo version of the instance--)

'<name>': 'My Fellowship will defeat him, Legolas!'
Legolas: 'Very good, and may they serve you well in battle with Balakhôr! I will take up position on these steps and let my arrows sing against the foes who trouble you!'
'<name>': 'All right!' (--this triggers the fellowship version of the instance--)

Legolas says, "Good fortune go with you, <name>!"

Objective 3

Aragorn is on the docks of Pelargir, waiting to storm the Night-jewel in search of Balakhôr.

Aragorn: 'Most of the Corsairs have been routed, <name>, but Balakhôr remains. Any Corsairs that remain by his side will have the utmost loyalty and will fight to the very end.
'Let us storm the Night-jewel and bring that end about, <name>!'

Objective 4

  • Storm the Night-jewel with Aragorn and Gimli

Aragorn is on the docks of Pelargir, waiting to storm the Night-jewel in search of Balakhôr.

Aragorn says, "I will go below-decks and search for Balakhôr."
Aragorn says, "You should free the enslaved men up here, <name>!"

Objective 5

  • Free slaves on the deck of the Night-jewel (0/3)

The Corsairs have enslaved the people of Gondor as they moved up the coast toward Pelargir. Now it is time to free these slaves from the benches to which they are chained.

Gimli says, "We must free these chained men before more Corsairs come up o deck!"
Enslaved Gondorian says, "Thank you so much!"
Enslaved Gondorian says, "Thank you, thank you, heroes!"
Enslaved Gondorian says, "I never thought I would be free ever again!"
Umer says, "<name>! You will regret coming back here!"

Objective 6

  • Talk to Umer on the deck of the Night-jewel

Umer has come out onto the deck of the Night-jewel, ready to face you at last.

Umer: 'You should not have come back, <name>! I thought it was a mistake for Balakhôr to let you go, but it seems you will die on the deck of the Night-jewel after all!
'The Heirs of Castamir will triumph, and Umbar will be great again!'

Objective 7

  • Defeat Umer

Umer has come out onto the deck of the Night-jewel, ready to face you at last.

Umer says, "Now you will die!"
Aragorn says, "<name>, how goes the fighting?"

Objective 8

  • Talk to Aragorn on the deck of the Night-jewel

Aragorn has returned to the deck of the Night-jewel, unable to find Balakhôr below-decks.

Aragorn: 'I was unable to find Balakhôr below-decks, <name>. Have you seen him? We cannot let this so-called Heir of Castamir escape! I fear the harm he might still work upon the people of Gondor.'
Balakhôr says, "I am here, stranger. I do not run from you, nor from any man."

Objective 9

Aragorn has returned to the deck of the Night-jewel, unable to find Balakhôr below-decks.

Balakhôr says, "You!"
Aragorn says; "I am Aragorn, son of Arathorn, and I command you to surrender your weapons."
Balakhôr says, "You give one name, but I know you by another: Thorongil."
Balakhôr says, "I know you by the title you claimed forty years ago: Bane of Umbar!"
Aragorn says; "I have many titles, Balakhôr, and every one earned."
Aragorn says; "But you are a pretender to your own title, for you are no heir of Castamir."
Balakhôr says, "It was a title of use to me, so I took it."
Balakhôr says, "But enough talk. What witch-craft has caused my men to desert their posts?"
Balakhôr says, "Many leapt overboard at the fear of it. Was it the mere rumour of your coming?"
Gimli says, "Come see, Balakhôr!"
Balakhôr says, "The shadow of endless night covers all! Your deaths await in this darkness!"
Aragorn says; "He seeks to escape! Follow him, <name>!"
Balakhôr says, "The power of Sauron cannot be denied!"
Balakhôr says, "See how he blankets the skies in darkness!"
Aragorn says; "We will defeat you and your master, Balakhôr."
Aragorn says; "Even in darkness we defy you."
Balakhôr says, "What? What is this?"
Balakhôr says, "No! No!"

Objective 10

  • Talk to Aragorn on the Night-jewel

Balakhôr has been defeated, and now Aragorn wishes to speak with you on the deck of the Night-jewel.

Aragorn: 'Balakhôr will no longer trouble the people of Gondor, <name>. Let us return to the Grey Host and see how our other companions fared during the battle. There is one more matter to which we must attend.'

Objective 11

The Corsairs have been defeated and Pelargir retaken. One task remains.

Gimli wishes to speak with you about the next step Aragorn plans to take.

Gimli: 'What a strange day this has been, <name>. To think we would be grateful for the aid of the Dead against the Living! Aragorn believes he must count the oath of these men fulfilled, and certainly they proved most valuable, but why not retain their loyalty for a few more days?
'Perhaps it is good that it not be my decision to make.'

Objective 12

Aragorn speaks now to the Dead Men of Dunharrow, who have fulfilled their oath to fight against Sauron's forces.

Aragorn says, "Men of the Mountain!"
Aragorn says, "Oath-breakers they called you, for you did not answer your vows. Faithless!"
Aragorn says, "But hear now the words of Isildur's Heir!"
Aragorn says, "I count your oath fulfilled!"
Aragorn says, "Depart now, and find the rest you were denied!"

Objective 13

  • Talk to Aragorn at his camp

The Dead Men have departed, and now Aragorn wishes to speak with you.

Aragorn: 'I am glad that is behind us, <name>! I confess I was not certain the Dead would follow me, and I am relieved they did so.'
Aragorn laughs, and you realize what an uncommon sound that has become.
'I am more relieved they have now departed, my friend. I would be a braggart indeed to pretend otherwise!'