Quest:Instance: A Game of Brigand-bashing

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Instance: A Game of Brigand-bashing
Level 76
Type Solo only
Starts with Heburga
Starts at Langhold
Start Region The Wold
Map Ref [35.9S, 53.7W]
Ends with Dala
Ends at The Wold
Quest Group The North Wold
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

"The fearless children of Langhold have invited you to join them in a game of Brigand-bashing, in which they re-enact the deeds of their fathers and foes."


The children of Langhold are playing a violent game of Brigand-bashing, and have asked you to join them.

Objective 1

The children of Langhold are at the farm near the town.

Heburga: 'Have you ever played a game of "Brigand-bashing"? It's easy! This time, you get to be the Warrior of Rohan, and we're the brigands. You have to catch us, but I bet you're not fast enough!
'Take this bat -- we made it ourselves for the game. It's made of leather, bound in cloth, so it won't hurt us. Not that you could catch us anyhow!'
Collected a soft clothbound bat

Objective 2

  • Use the bat to whomp the "brigands" (0/15)

Use the bat to whomp the "brigands" at the farm.

Utmund says, "Arr, I'm a brigand!"
Boy says, "I'm the craftiest brigand! You'll never catch me!"
Girl says, "I'm the meanest brigand in the world! Tee hee!"
Boy says, "You'll never catch me, Horse-lord!"
Utmund says, "Whee!!"
Boy says, "Ahh! Hee hee!"
Girl says, "Whoop! So strong!"
Girl says, "Whee!!"
Heburga says, "Whee!!"
Heburga says, "Whoop! So strong!"

Objective 3

  • Talk to Heburga and see if she concedes

You should talk to Heburga to see if she concedes.

Heburga: 'No fair, you're too strong! This time YOU have to play the brigand, and we will be the great riders of Rohan. We are coming for you…watch yourself, vile ruffian!'
Heburga demands that you play the brigand this time, while the children play Rohirrim

Objective 4

  • Appease the children by letting them play Rohirrim, and beat you into submission

The children are now the Rohirrim, and you're the brigand.

You should let the children beat you up.

Heburga says, "Take that, you rogue!"
Boy says, "You brigands don't stand a chance against the mighty Rohirrim of Langhold!"
A rider approaches....
Dala says, "You there, <name>!"
Dala says, "It grieves me to interrupt such...serious business, but there are urgent matters to discuss."

Objective 5

  • Talk to the rider who hailed you

You should speak with the rider who hailed you.

Dala: 'Adults in this town do not waste time with child-games, <name>. If you wish to face brigands, it appears a small band of them have returned from exile to harass a local farm.
'Instead of playing with our idle children, you could perhaps prove yourself useful by dealing with real enemies, eh?'
Dala: 'Enough games. Come, let us head back into town.'