Quest:Instance: A Beorninghús Tradition

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Instance: A Beorninghús Tradition
Level 120
Type Solo
Starts with Grimbeorn
Starts at Grimbeorn's House
Start Region Vales of Anduin
Map Ref [13.5N, 53.3W]
Quest Group Vales of Anduin: Beorning-lands
Quest Chain Through the Vale
Quest Text

Bestowal Dialogue

A Beorninghús Tradition
"It is a Beorning tradition to signal both ends and beginnings with a feast."


Grimbeorn invites many family members and guests to a feast.

Objective 1

Talk to Gírta.

Gírta says, "Over here, <name>."
Gírta: [Beornings: 'I can see you are ready for the feast, <kin-daughter/kin-son>.] [non Beornings: 'A Beorninghús feast is one of my favourite things! It is kind of you to volunteer to help us prepare for the feast.]
'<name>, I must finish preparing the food. If you would please help set the table, we will be ready for the guests. Do not worry about the time! Rose, Bud, Sprout, Lily, Violet, Cream, Lady, Clover, Honey-bun, Honey-pie and Leaf will help you out! [non Beornings: Thank you kindly, <race>.]
'Oh and some of the food will be out shortly to put on the table.'

Objective 2

  • Help set the table

Help set the table.

Gírta says, "Alright everyone, let us get to work!"
You hear the shuffling of hooves and paws growing louder and louder
You collect some nuts for the table from Lily
You place the nuts on the table
Lily says, "Baa!"
You collect some fruit for the table from Violet
You place the fruit on the table
Violet says, "Baa!"
You collect some bread for the table from Lady
You place the bread on the table
Lady says, "Baa baa!"
You collect some honey for the table from Cream
You place the honey on the table
Cream says, "Baa!"
How kind of Clover! You should give this dinnerware to Rose
Rose is helping to set the table
Clover says, "Nicker."
Rose says, "Ruff!"
Rose says, "Woof!"
Rose says, "Yip!"
How kind of Honey-bun! You should give this dinnerware to Star
Star is helping to set the table
Honey-bun says, "Neigh."
Star says, "Ruff!"
Star says, "Woof!"
Star says, "Yip!"
How kind of Leaf! You should give this dinnerware to Sprout
Sprout is helping to set the table
Leaf says, "Neigh."
Leaf says, "Nicker."
Sprout says, "Ruff!"
Sprout says, "Yip!"
How kind of Honey-pie! You should give this dinnerware to Bud
Bud is helping to set the table
Honey-pie says, "Nicker."
Bud says, "Ruff!"
Bud says, "Woof!"
Bud says, "Yip!"

Objective 3

  • Enjoy a moment's rest

Enjoy a moment's rest.

The guests are starting to arrive!
Gandalf says, "I am sure it would not trouble Grimbeorn for an old wizard to listen to a story or two."
Gírta says, "The food is all prepared and ready for eating!"
Legolas says, "It was kind of Grimbeorn to extend his welcome to me, on my father's behalf."
Now that the guests have arrived, dinner can begin

Objective 4

  • Sit down for a meal

Sit down for a meal.

This is a good place to sit down
You sit.

Objective 5

Talk to Grimbeorn.

Grimbeorn: 'Eat, eat. There is food enough for all of us.'

Objective 6

  • Enjoy a meal

Enjoy a meal.

Grimbeorn says, "I thank you for gathering with me to feast and tell tales."
Grimbeorn says, "It is a tradition we honour, for Beorn himself had done the same and learned much from tales spoken over a feast."
Grimbeorn says, "Now let us eat!"
Sterkist says, "This food is delicious, Gírta."
Gírta says, "Now Sterkist, you should know I did not make this entire feast alone. We all helped, you included!"
Sterkist says, "Yes, yes, but it is still delicious!"
Gírta says, "Ha, ha!"
Grimbeorn says, "Perhaps a story while we eat, Sterkist?"
Sterkist says, "Certainly. Some have heard this one before, I think...."
Sterkist says, "Langhár and I left the company of the Elves in Felegoth."
Sterkist says, "But then, we were ambushed by the trees themselves!"
Sterkist says, "Langhár escaped but not before I was captured by the mythical Taurogrim!"
Sterkist says, "Thank the bees, Langhár and <name> came to my rescue when they did."
Sterkist says, "Else, that would have been the last of me!"
Grimbeorn says, "A fine tale. Hállkell, have you a story to tell too?"
Hállkell says, "Around the time Sterkist befell the Taurogrim, I too ran into trouble."
Hállkell says, "Elf traders and I were escorting supplies and provisions from the Beorning-lands."
Hállkell says, "We made it through the Forest Gate, but not much further!"
Hállkell says, "Spiders attacked the Elves viciously, tearing them limb from limb!"
Hállkell says, "I tried to fight them off, but I could not save my companions."
Hállkell says, "Then <name> rescued me from shock and escorted me back to Felegoth."
Hállkell says, "I am glad that <name> is here with us, that is certain!"
Grimbeorn says, "<name>, you have been quite the helpful to many in the North."
Grimbeorn says, "What say you Gandalf and Legolas, of <name>?"
Gandalf says, "My tales with <name> are numerous. Many I am not sure you would believe!"
Gandalf says, "I would much like to listen, rather than speak, this night."
Grimbeorn says, "You enchanted Beorn with your tales, I would very much like to hear one, Gandalf."
Gandalf says, "Oh very well, twist the old man's arm...."
Gandalf says, "On the march to the Black Gate of Mordor, I worried the Enemy at Minas Morgul would attack the Host from the rear."
Gandalf says, "I convinced Aragorn, the King of Gondor, and <name> here to delve into the Morgul Vale."
Gandalf says, "We stood at the very doorstep of Minas Morgul, upon the only bridge wide enough for armies of the Enemy."
Gandalf says, "Valiantly we fought foes and destroyed the bridge, to protect the Host as they moved ever through North Ithilien."
Legolas says, "It was not long after that the Easterlings prepared an ambush for all of us."
Legolas says, "If not for <name> spotting the ambush, the Easterlings may have been successful."
Legolas says, "We surprised the raiding party, fought valiantly, and got the upperhand."
Legolas says, "The road to the Black Gate was clear."
Gírta says, "Astonishing!"
Hállkell says, "I agree!'
Grimbeorn says, "A fine story! Now I know how Beorn felt when he welcomed you, Gandalf, and fourteen of your company into his lodge!"
Grimbeorn says, "What is another guest, so long as the tale continues? Ha, ha!"
Sterkist says, "Pass the taters please."
Grimbeorn says, "Eat, eat! I will ask for no more tales to be told at this feast."
Grimbeorn says, "Now, both Elves and Eagles work with us to protect our home."
Grimbeorn says, "Gandalf, Legolas, <name>, you are all to thank for making the Beorning-lands safer."
Grimbeorn says, "Thank you for a feast and a fine evening, each and every one of you."

Objective 7

Grimbeorn can be found at the Beorninghús in the Beorning-lands.

You should talk to Grimbeorn.

Beorning version:

Grimbeorn: 'My <kin-daughter/kin-son>, it is good to share my table with you again.'

Non Beorning version:

Grimbeorn: '<name>, I am glad that you have visited my home. You have been a great help and voice of reason. You are always welcome here, my friend.'