Quest:Gifts -- A New Hammer

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Gifts -- A New Hammer
Level ...
Type Solo
Repeatable Yes
Starts with Esmerelda Burrows
Starts at The Bird and Baby Inn
Start Region The Shire
Map Ref [33.4S, 75.3W]
Ends with Dudo Chubb
Ends at Hobbiton-Bywater
End Region The Shire
Map Ref [31.3S, 71.2W]
Quest Chain Anniversary Event
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'It's good that you are here: I have a small errand that needs doing.

'Do you know my friend Dudo Chubb? He works in Bywater, doing odd jobs and carpentry. He was complaining that his tools were not fit for use, so I want him to have this new hammer as a festival gift. The best gift is a practical gift, I always say!

'Would you mind paying him a visit and bringing him this new hammer? I'm sure he will be surprised.'


Esmerelda Burrows wants to spread the cheer of celebration to her friend, Dudo Chubb.

Objective 1

Dudo Chubb is in Hobbiton in the Shire.

Esmerelda Burrows would you like you to deliver a gift to her friend Dudo Chubb.

Esmerelda Burrows: 'Do you know the way to Hobbiton? It's to the east, a bit north of Tuckborough. Dudo is usually out and about, working on some task or another.'
Dudo Chubb: 'Quite a day, isn't it? What can I help you with?
'You say Esmerelda sent you? Oh my, what a fine hammer that is! My work will be much easier without having to use this old, rusty pice of junk....'