Quest:Cutting Back

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Cutting Back
Level 84
Type Solo
Starts with Fastred
Starts at Mead Hall of Snowbourn
Start Region Sutcrofts
Ends with Gísling
Ends at Snowbourn
End Region Sutcrofts
Map Ref [60.2S, 61.7W]
Quest Chain Snowbourn
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'You have been a great help thus far, <name>. If you would, I require your aid in handing out rations to the people of Snowbourn. Food has become scarce since you left for Walstow, and the people are getting restless.

'There is a cart of food in Snowbourn...keep an eye on it, then distribute food to people once you have established some sort of order.

'Thank you for your assistance. I will continue to make ready our battle plan.'


Fastred wants you to distribute rations to the people of Snowbourn along with his guards.

Objective 1

  • Shoo Dudweld away from the food-stores with a stern ahem
  • Shoo Ganburh away from the food-stores with a stern ahem
  • Shoo Elfswith away from the food-stores with a stern ahem

The food-cart is near the kitchen of Snowbourn.

As food is scarce, Fastred wants you to make sure that people wait and do not swarm the food-stores. Perhaps a stern ahem will do.

You direct a polite cough at Dudweld. Ahem!
Dudweld sighs heavily and wanders off
You direct a polite cough at Ganburh. Ahem!
Ganburh sighs heavily and wanders off
You direct a polite cough at Elfswith. Ahem!
Elfswith sighs heavily and wanders off

Objective 2

Prepared rations can be found near the kitchen of Snowbourn.

You should collect rations for the people of Snowbourn.

Objective 3

  • Talk to Dudweld
  • Talk to Ganburh
  • Talk to Elfswith

Dudweld, Ganburh, and Elfswith can be found throughout Snowbourn.

You should distribute the food to Dudweld, Ganburh, and Elfswith.

Dudweld: 'Oh, thank you so much
'Reeve Fastred has been a more stern leader than Reeve Dagred, but I fear that this change has not been for the good of the people.
'My family and I have fallen on hard times, especially now that Snowbourn grows more crowded with people fleeing Eastemnet.
'Thank you again, <name>.
Ganburh: 'You did not have to be so abrupt before, but you have my thanks.
'I know not why Fastred has moved to establish such a strict order within Snowbourn. People continue to pour in, but he allows none of us to travel to the West where resources might be more abundant.
'Fastred has proven himself a worthy leader, but I am uncertaini what the future holds for the Sutcrofts.'
Elfswith: 'Thank you, <name>…
'The crowds grow day after day… The Sutcrofts still provide a wealth of food to our people, but with more people coming here each day, I worry that we cannot sustain this.
'Fastred is a bold leader, but he must allow the people to journey west. We cannot suport ourselves as the last sanctuary of the Eastemnet, not for long, anyway.'

Objective 4

  • Talk to Gísling

Gísling can be found in central Snowbourn.

You should speak with Gísling and let him know you distributed the food as Fastred ordered.

Gísling: 'You did well in maintaining order. I am sure Fastred's guards were pleased that they could keep at watch instead of performing such a task.
'The concerns of those people are real though. I worry that Snowbourn will not be able to support such a wealth of people for much longer.'
'Nevertheless, well done.'