Quest:Creeping Decay

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Creeping Decay
Level 105
Type solo
Starts with Thurindol
Start Region North Ithilien
Map Ref [62.7S, 4.9W]
Ends with Thurindol
Ends at Aelin Veren
End Region North Ithilien
Map Ref [53.7S, 6.7W]
Quest Chain North Ithilien
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'Do you see what the Orcs have done to Ithilien, my friend?

'They have invaded our lands and burned many of our mighty trees, and yet, it was not enough to leave it at that. Dark spires have burst from the earth, and the ground surrounding them suffers some foul malady. I have seen the Orcs gather beneath them, speaking wildly in their vile tongue and waving their staves in a frenzy.

'I do not know what to make of this, <name>, but I fear something terrible stirs in Mordor...

'If we are to keep Ithilien free of foes and the Enemy's influence, we must destroy those spires and cast out the Orcs!'


At their Master's bidding, defilers of Mordor have come down from the Ephel Dúath and have begun to corrupt the lands of North Ithilien.

Objective 1

  • Defeat defilers along the Ephel Dûath (0/8)
  • Destroy Dúath-spires (0/8)

Defilers and Dúath-spires can be found along the edges of the Mountains of Shadow in south-eastern North Ithilien.

Thurindol has asked you to defeat the defilers invading North Ithilien and destroy the black stone spires to which they are drawn.

Objective 2

  • Talk to Thurindol at Aelin Veren

Thurindol can be found at Aelin Veren.

You have defeated the defilers and thrown down the Dúath-spires. You should return to Thurindol with news of your success.