Quest:Chapter 2: Unfit Fate

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Chapter 2: Unfit Fate
Level 50
Type Fellowship
Starts with Calenglad
Starts at Tinnudir
Start Region Evendim
Map Ref [12.7S, 67.2W]
Quest Group Vol. I. Book 12
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'The Enemy has not been idle in your absence. A great host has removed to Angmar, or so their trail led that way, for we did not follow them long, believeing it to be some trickery or ill deed.

'Of the fate of Laerdan I have heard no word. My scouts have reported that a number of Amarthiel's servants have been making furtive movements around Annúminas; maybe it is that one of them holds a clue to what you seek.

'Go and defeat the Angmarim that still plague the city of Annúminas. One of them must know something of Laerdan.'


All is not well in Annúminas, according to Calenglad. The Angmarim are acting feverishly within the ruined city, and a large force also returned to Angmar.

Objective 1

Angmarim can be found throughout Annúminas.

Calenglad has sugggest that you may find some information about Laerdan's whereabouts among the Angmarim.

Calenglad: 'One of Amarthiel's servants that still plague Annúminas may hold the clue you seek.'

Objective 2

Calenglad is at Tinnudir, north of Annúminas.

You should return to Calenglad with Amarthiel's Command.

Calenglad: 'What have you there, orders from the Enemy? This might be of some help....'