Quest:Chapter 11.5: The Storm in the East

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Chapter 11.5: The Storm in the East
Level 121
Type Solo
Starts with King Isildur
Starts at Adambel
Start Region Mordor Besieged
Map Ref [99.3S, 126.6W]
Ends with Magoldir
Ends at Adambel
End Region Mordor Besieged
Map Ref [98.6S, 125.7W]
Quest Group The Black Book of Mordor: Chapter 11
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'Ah, I cannot blame them for relaxing their guard. When first we pushed through the ruins of the Black Gate with the vanguard, it seemed victory was near, and Sauron must surely abandon the fight. Yet it was not so. He hid within his tower, sealing the door against us, and he has not been seen again. Days turned to weeks, weeks turned to months, and then at last we measured the time in years. The siege seems without end. Sauron trapped in his tower, and though his servants test us from time to time, the Dark Lord seems content to outlast us, or at least to make the attempt. I would rather he face us in battle, and put an end to this endless waiting!

'Is it any wonder that the idleness causes my sons to chafe, sharpening their tongues and not their weapos? It is difficult to remain alert when combat with the enemy is merely a memory; our swords untested, our shields unbattered. Perhaps Sauron makes us wait in the hope that we will grow tired and abandon the cause. I that be so, he is more fools than we thought! We will wait as long as is necessary!'


King Isildur of Gondor worries that his sons have allowed the lenght of the siege to dull their wits and their weapons, and wants them each made sharp again.

Objective 1

The shade of Isildur has interrupted the telling of his tale with a brief aside.

Shade of Isildur: 'Alas! It is with the benefit of looking back that I know now what I did not know then. Sauron did not hide from us out of fear, and he did not think to outlast us with time alone. Nay, it was with purpose that he waited in Barad-dûr, biding his time. He knew what we did not: the Ghâzab Bóron had won a decisive battle against the armies that had gone to face it. Even now, the Storm of Wrath moved in the direction of Mordor, chasing the defeated Thíuda and Longbeards before it.
'Sauron needed do nothing but wait for the Rhúnhoth hordes to arrive, and wait he did, secure in his tower and confident his victory would arrive with the Storm. We knew not what approached, and we let the long years of the siege lull us into complacency. We would learn our mistake before long, but that is further ahead in my tale.'

Shade of Isildur: Forgive the interruption. I return now to my tale.

Objective 2

King Isildur of Gondor is at the encampment of Adambel.

Isildur: 'It has been some time since Sauron sent his Orcs against us, but they may return at any moment. We must be ready, with sharp blades and sturdy armour prepared to turn aside their attacks. Find a crate of whetstones somewhere here at Adambel, by the campfires to the north, and deliver its contents to idle soldiers throughout the encampment. Remind them of the need for weapons clean and sharp, and see that they heed my warning! Do not forget to give whetstones to my sons, as well; they may need the reminder most of all. False names will only protect them for so long, and in the end they must rely upon their weapons. That is the way of war.
'I must now attend my brother Anárion, but I will leave you with these tasks and my thanks for their successful completion.'

Objective 3

  • Find a crate of whetstones in Adambel

A crate of whetstones can be found by the campfires to the north in Adambel, the primary Gondorian encampment in Mordor Besieged.

Objective 4

  • Deliver whetstones to idle soldiers and the sons of Isildur (0/6)

Idle soldiers can be found throughout Adambel.

Isildur asked you to deliver whetstones to idle soldiers of the Alliance, as well as to his sons.

Sirendur says, "Aye, thank you for this."
Atarnil says, "It has been some days since last my sword was sharpened."
Macilmar says, ??
Tárandil: 'Thank you, friend. I will make use of this whetstone, and take heed of the warning, as well.'
Ornaher: 'My blade is as sharp as it was both yesterday, last week, and a month past, but I will not spurn the gift. I do not call for the servants of Sauron to attack, but neither do I enjoy the tedium of this endless calm. I will spend some of today sharpening my sword. Pointless shall be neither the exercise nor the blade, my new friend!'
Vëamacil: 'Thank you for the whetstone and for father's warning, though I really needed neither. Every day seems much like the one before, and the Orcs have not dared tangle with our warriors for some time!
'Still there my be some wisdom in it. Aye, I think it may be worthwhile to ensure that everyone who bears a weapon has what he needs to keep it in pristine shape. Yes my friend, everyone, from the lowest soldier to the very highest!
'Indeed, even my grandsire should not neglect his own weapon. If we need sharpen our blades every morn, I say that even High King Elendil should benefit from his son's advise. Bring a whetstone and my father's warning to my grandsire King Elendil, friend. You will find him somewhere around Adambel, I warrant, and spare not the lecture!'

Objective 5

High King Elendil can be found somewhere within Adambel, the primary Gondorian encampment in Mordor Besieged.

Elendil: 'I would not need three guesses to know which of my grandsons sent you to me thus, <class>. He has spent too long in idleness, and has forgotten the danger. The tedium of the hours is a dangerous foe for any army at rest, but a forgotten enemy long-accepted is even more of a threat!
'I will take this whetstone, and thank you for it, but know this: my blade Narsil needs sharpening but rarely, and I am not lax with its keeping. Let my grandsons take these words to heart: a soldier needs sharpening just as a weapon does, and if one is neglected neither can carry out its work. He should treat the business of war more seriously, and leave the jesting for tavern-keepers and stable-boys.
'Find some soldiers with which to train, as a reminder not to let down their guard. Afterwards, convey the words I spoke to my grandson, as well as my displeasure. He has the blood of kings, and should act such.'

Elendil stares at you sternly

Objective 6

  • Train with soldiers at Adambel (0/3)

High King Elendil has commanded that you train with soldiers at the encampment of Adambel and remind them not to relax their guard despite the length of the siege.

Objective 7

  • Talk to Vëamacil at Adambel

Vëamacil is in Adambel.

Now that you have trained with the soldiers, High King Elendil expects you to convey his reprimand to his grandson Vëamacil.

Vëamacil: 'It was only a bit of fun, my friend. Do not let my grandfather's words sour your day. But look! Did you not say you met this elf earlier, among the corpses of our enemies and his? He has come now to Adambel on some errand, and will be pleased to speak with you.
'Give him a whetstone!'

Magoldir nods at you pleasantly

Objective 8

Magoldir is at Adambel, the primary Gondorian encampment in Mordor Besieged.

Magoldir: 'Hello again. I will take one of these whetstones, and gladly, for my own sword could use the sharpening. Let it not be said that I took poor care of Orthadel, the Rising Star, for in return he might take poor care of me!
'Elf-soldiers, like those of other races, must keep their weapons and their wits as sharp as they can. That has always been my experience, and I wonder if it as been yours?'