Quest:Bounty: Darkwaters in Rath Dúath

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Bounty: Darkwaters in Rath Dúath
Level 123
Type Solo
Starts with Bounty Board
Starts at Estolad Lân
Start Region Morgul Vale
Map Ref [64.7S, 1.9W]
Quest Group Imlad Morgul: Rath Dúath
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

The bounty notice reads:

'What sort of spirit could hate us so much that it seeks to corrupt the very waters we need to rely upon for life and health? The very worst kind: darkwaters! These hateful shades have descended upon the rivers of Imlad Morgul, and they stir a deadly malaise into the waters, making them quite unfit to drink.

'Take the time to slay darkwaters along the river, and I will reward you for helping clean the waters.'


A bounty notice asks you to fight darkwaters along the rivers in Rath Dúath.

Objective 1

Darkwaters can be found in Rath Dúath.

You should defeat darkwaters.

Objective 2

  • Completed

Defeated darkwaters.

At the suggestion of a bounty posted in Rath Dúath, you have defeated darkwaters along the river. The poster of the bounty believed this would help to cleanse the waters, making the safe to drink, but you believe the corruption lies deeper. Whatever role to darkwaters played in tainting the river, theirs was not the only source of the foulness that grips it.