Quest:An Unnerving Display of Confidence

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An Unnerving Display of Confidence
Level 76
Type Solo
Starts at Eastmund's Lair
Start Region The Wold
Ends with Thane Utred
Ends at Mead Hall of Langhold
End Region The Wold
Quest Group The North Wold
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

The leader of the brigands in the northern Wold seems overly confident despite the recent banishment of his people.


The leader of the brigands in the northern Wold seems overly confident despite the recent banishment of his people.

Objective 1

The foes amassed near Langhold appear to be very organized.

You should seek the leader of this rabble and encourage him to return with his unruly followers to exile.

You are unnerved by the sight of so many foes near Langhold
Eastmund: 'We have every right to be here. Do you think you can just harass my folk, stranger, because some power-crazed Than told you to? I will stand up for my folk!'
Eastmund says, "The Wold is our home too, outsider! We have a right to take what is ours...."
Eastmund says, "Fine, you win! I yield...."
Eastmund has yielded, and asked that a message be delivered to the Thane
Eastmund says, "Please take a message to the Thane. We wish to have our grievances heard."

Objective 2

Eastmund has asked for a message of grievances to be brought to Thane Utred of Langhold.

You should go to Thane Utred at once and deliver the message, and warn him of the forbidding brigand presence near Langhold.

Thane Utred: Utred reads the letter with a scowl.
'Fool Eastmund! He dares offer me terms of peace if I give up Langhold and the northern Wold to his brigand scum!
'I will not send my folk away, and I will rally my riders and deal with the brigands at once. They should have been thankful for exile…it was a pardon. I will not be so forgiving next time.'
The Thane refuses to abandon Langhold over a brigand threat
Cíllan says, "Let me see that letter."

Objective 3

Cíllan stands near the Thane in the Mead Hall of Langhold.

You should show Cíllan the letter.

Cíllan: Cíllan looks over the letter with sharp eyes.
'Really, Utred, I do not think you should make light of this threat. They have never poised themselves to attack our town -- only to harry our lands, and steal from the farmers.
'I do not like Eastmund's language, and I think we should heed <name>'s words of warning! We should prepare to defend ourselves.'
Cíllan is concerned by the strange threatening behaviour of the brigands

Objective 4

  • See if Utred heeds the warning after receiving his wife's counsel

Utred is in the Mead Hall in Langhold.

You should speak with Thane Utred now that Cíllan has said her piece.

Thane Utred: 'Defend ourselves? They will never attack us. Why not, you ask? Because we will oust them first, as we always do.
'Thank you, <name>, for your diligence, but you are to leave those brigands to me. If you wish to be of service, you may perform the patrol of the River Watch.'