Quest:A Life Hangs on a Thread

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A Life Hangs on a Thread
Level 98
Type Solo
Starts with Fuirion
Starts at Tathrendalf
Start Region Lamedon
Map Ref [62.1S, 56.9W]
Ends with Limril
Ends at Dínadab
End Region Lamedon
Map Ref [63.3S, 59.8W]
Quest Chain Dínadab
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

Fuirion lies in a pool of blood, breathing slowly. He is not dead, but it is clear that he does not have much time....


Fuirion lies even more grievously wounded at Hebil's feet. If he is to be rescued, it must be done soon, but Hebil stands in the way.

Objective 1

Hebil is in the Corsair encampment in northern Lamedon.

You should speak with Hebil.

Hebil: 'This one has a death wish, you know. Are you sure you want to save him? He made good sport for my men. Not very worth rescuing, if you ask me.'
Complete the Instance: A Life Hangs on a Thread

Objective 2

Gladion and Limril are at their home in Dínadab.

You should speak with Limril.

Limril: 'I am grateful that you were able to bring Gladion back to me alive, but... I do not know how we will be whole without Fuirion. I keep expecting him to come through the door, bringing a leg of lamb for my stew, or a special coin for Túmir. I still fancy that I can hear the sound of his voice as he reads to Míreth.
'He threw his life away, and my heart whispers that it was because of me.'