Pend Eregion

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Areas-icon.png Pend Eregion
Region: Eregion
Landmark(s): Carchres
Glâd Ereg
High Hollin
Tâl Caradhras
Giant Valley - The Trollshaws
Levels: Mainly 48 - 49
Resource tier: Master
Pend Eregion.jpg

Pend Eregion is an area within Eregion in the northeastern region.

The name is Sindarin for "Slope of Eregion" and is first area encountered by traveler heading south from Giant Valley in the Trollshaws. The battered road connects with High Hollin in central Eregion as well as Glâd Ereg to the west. Hollin ridge serves as the area's southern border with Tâl Caradhras. Untouched and wild, Pend Eregion has no signs of civilization and simply serves as a passage into the rest of Eregion. Relatively dense forests make up the northwestern and northeastern portions of the area while grassy slopes and rocky hills make up the southern sections leading up to the ridge.

The area's wildlife is highly hostile, to the detriment of the supply caravans that run trips between Gwingris and Rivendell. They face constant onslaughts from the worms nesting to the north and the south of the road as well as the odd band of half-orcs patrolling the area. Worst yet, Crebain spies infest the area, leaving no one out of view of the dark lord. Unruly boars also graze among the slopes but they are the least of a traveler's worries.



These landmarks are located within Pend Eregion:






The following creatures are found within this area:


Map of Eregion Topographic map of Eregion


Wild lavender growing on the southern hills The overgrown road through Pend Eregion Stumps on the border of Glâd Ereg as a result of the Dunlending deforesting The passage leading up into the Trollshaws

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