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The Ongbúrz Tribe is one of the four large Orc Tribes in service of Angmar and its steward, Mordirith. It is lead by an uruk chieftain, Zaukîl.


The tribe consists mostly of Orcs, but there are some Goblins, Wargs and Trolls associated with the tribe, especially in the large war-camp of Dol Dínen. The Ongbúrz are said to be more cunning than the other tribes of Angmar, and are skilled at constructing dreadful siege-machines to devastate the lands to the south. Ongbúrz orcs often use poison on their weaponry to gain an edge over their foe. Their banner shows a cruel sigil resembling the iron crown of Angmar on a field of dark blue and brown. Ongburz Tribe Theme.png


Dol Dínen

A large part of the tribe was sent into the North Downs on Mordirith's command, along with the Blogmal and Tarkrîp tribes. Chieftain Zaukîl marched south on the road leading through Rhunenlad towards Dol Dínen, where the tribe set up its main encampment. Siege weaponry is being constructed and warriors are trained to prepare for the inevitable assault on the lush lands in the south. A recent surprise attack at dawn commissioned by the Rangers of the hidden refuge of Esteldín saw a large portion of the siege weapons destroyed, but the tribe could not be driven from the encampment.

The North Downs

Zaukîl dispatched two parties from Dol Dinen to be sent into the North Downs. One headed through Meluinen into the Kingsfell and established a scouting camp, Gurzlum, from where they raid the nearby farms. The other was sent to aid the Blogmal tribe at Fornost in the construction of siege machines and set up camp directly east of the Norbury Gates. An attack on the town of Trestlebridge was launched from there, but was repelled.

The Ettenmoors

Most of the tribe's fighting force, led by war-tyrants Gúrhardron and Durgrat marched into the Ettenmoors. In their initial push, they seized Dâr-gazag, Lugazag and Tol Ascarnen, but a surprise attack from the newly-established Coldfells Army pushed the Ongbúrz back to their stronghold at Gramsfoot. When reinforcements from the Krahjarn Tribe out of Angmar arrived, the two Orc hosts formed the Army of Angmar under the command of War-tyrant Akúlhun and broke the Free Peoples' siege of Gramsfoot. The two opposing armies are now locked in a stalemate as they struggle to firm their grip on the Ettenmoors.


A number of Ongbúrz Orcs stayed behind in Angmar to supress the Hill-men in Fasach-falroid. Their main force is stationed at Dun Covad. Many Uruks of the Ongbúrz Tribe are on guard duty in the Witch-king's citadel of Carn Dûm. War-master Ranghâsh commands what remains of the Ongbúrz Tribe within Angmar.

Joining the Tribe

Monster Players can join the Ongbúrz Tribe by purchasing an Ongbúrz Tribe Charter from Sovairlë in Gramsfoot.