Ondoher's Folly

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Ondoher's Folly
Type: Orc Shrine
Region: The Wastes
Area: Dagorlad
Location: [31.4S, 7.3W]


Ondoher's Folly is a landmark within Dagorlad in the Wastes. [31.4S, 7.3W]

This hill stands at the edge of the Battle Plain, near the Dead Marshes. On the hill-top is the Orcish shrine of Faltor-shík (Black Speech for Fane of Screaming), a horrific place of torture and sacrifices to Sauron.


The following deeds can be advanced by visiting this location:






The following creatures are found within this area:


Faramir, son of Ondoher, met a grim end here in the Wastes, but perhaps more tragic, he was never meant to journey to these lands at all. King Ondoher and Faramir's brother, Artamir, rode to repel the forces of the Wainriders in the Wastes, but they were caught unprepared and vastly outnumbered. They were soon aided by a company of North-men, but even still their forces were slain on the fields and driven into the Dead Marshes. Amid all this, Faramir was bidden to remain in Minas Anor when Minas Tirith was still called as such, but he defied his father's wishes and secretly rode to join the North-men as they rode southward toward the battle. Thus, Ondoher and his two sons met their ends in the Wastes.[1]
Since that day, the Orcs of Mordor have turned this site into a monument commemorating their Dark Lord's victory over a king of Númenórean blood. The hill is now crowned by a temple where captives of the Orcs are taken, tortured, and sacrificed, their bones piled high in the corners of this "Fane of Screaming".[2]