Ondoher's Folly

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Ondoher's Folly
Type: Enemy Encampment
Region: The Wastes
Area: Dagorlad
Location: [31.4S, 7.3W]
Ondoher's Folly


Ondoher's Folly is a landmark within Dagorlad in The Wastes. [31.4S, 7.3W]


'Faramir, son of Ondoher, met a grim end here in the Wastes, but perhaps more tragic, he was never meant to journey to these lands at all. King Ondoher and Faramir's brother, Artamir, rode to repel the forces of the Wainriders in the Wastes, but they were caught unprepared and vastly outnumbered. They were soon aided by a company of North-men, but even still their forces were slain on the fields and driven into the Dead Marshes. Amid all this, Faramir was bidden to remain in Minas Anor when Minas Tirirth was still called as such, but he defied his father's wishes and secretly rode to join the North-men as they rode southward toward the battle. Thus, Ondoher and his two sons met their ends in the Wastes...'


The following deeds can be advanced by visiting this location:




Tham Durlan


Ondoher's Folly

Faramir, son of Ondoher
Faramir, son of Ondoher



Mílgamel Quests

Small Ranger camp in the Slag-hills

These quests unlocks in sets if 3. Turning in one quest from a set unlocks the next set. Completing this quest chain will unlock the final quests needed to unlock the fellowship crafting instances. The final quests are listed under The Slag-hills.
Note: If you only want to unlock the crafting instances, you simply need the sequence The Escape -> The War-party -> The War-leaders, and can ignore the other Lang Rhuven quests.


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