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Merrevail (singular: Morroval) (Sindarin for Black-wing) and Mervyl (singular: Morvul) (Sindarin for Black-slave) are a species of Ancient Evil.


A morroval appears to be a cross between a bat and a mortal woman, but if the blood of Man ever ran within its veins, it has become utterly corrupt and evil. Their male equivalents are the mervyl, who are even more monstrous-looking. These creatures are not mere beasts, acting strictly upon instinct. They are instead cunning and skilful in the use of arms, and have some powers beyond the mundane, as well. The merrevail have ever been in the service of Sauron or his former master Morgoth and their lieutenants. They dwell in Mordor, Angmar, and Mirkwood, where the influence of the Dark Lords is strong. Merrevail from Angmar have also settled in the upper levels of Moria.

The female merrevail are more commonly seen and appear to be higher in status than the mervyl. Therefore, the species as a whole is referred to as merrevail. However, some mervyl still attain significant rank as warriors. Merrevail are usually lead by a queen or other matriarch of varying power. Lhaereth the Stained, a dreaded entity who has served Sauron since the First Age, is of morroval-kind but far more ancient, at least compared to the Stained Merrevail that are her followers in Mordor. The Song of the Stained, a text by one of those merrevail describes that Age as "the distant depths of time" before them.[1]. That implies merrevail are not Maia spirits from the world's beginning like some Ancient Evil, but come into being throughout history, like the mortal races. It is unknown if merrevail truly share kinship with the Men they half resemble, and whether they have limited lifespans, or breed like the incarnate races do. In any case, they are known to have some kinship with bats and use them as spies and protectors.[2][3]


Locations where merrevail can be found include:


Quests and Instances


Merrevail almost always attack on sight, though a few will first threaten. They are usually of Normal or Signature difficulty. They are weak to Beleriand damage and slightly vulnerable to Ancient Dwarf-make damage, Light damage, and Westernesse damage. They are most resistant to Common damage and Tactical damage.

They have a scream which is capable of rendering their targets Stunned. Those fighting merrevail are often Impaled by the creatures, pinning them in place while inflicting damage over time until the attack is complete or interrupted. These abilities make fighting multiple merrevail at once especially dangerous. Merrevail can also inflict fear, causing their target to be Chilled or Unsettled.

One should not be fooled by their more mortal-like traits: merrevail are savage, bloodthirsty, filthy creatures, and are classified as Evil in alignment by all Free Peoples who know of them.


Merrevail of Angmar

The merrevail of Angmar are a remnant of the evil kingdom that once existed there, or perhaps even pre-date it. Their queen is Azgoth, who dwells in Carn Dûm.[4] They roam openly in Himbar, and recently some of them have come south to Duvairë in the Ram Dúath under the command of Morcheryn.[5]

Merrevail of Moria

The merrevail and mervyl of Moria have crept in from Angmar during the dwarves' long absence.[6] They have made their lair in the Fanged Pit in the upper levels, and roam through Durin's Way and over Zirakzigil above. They are led by Bogrian.[7] Another group has inhabited the Mirror-halls of Lumul-nar under the rule of Ergoth.[3]

Merrevail of Mirkwood

The merrevail and mervyl of Mirkwood come from Angmar and have settled in the Elf-ruins of Dannenglor in the time since the Necromancer conquered the stronghold.[8] They greedily hoard the relics and treasures the Elves left behind.[9] Mervyl can be found in the Sword-hall of Dol Guldur and in Thurimen, the secret passage under the fortress.

Stained Merrevail

Stained Merrevail and Stained Mervyl are the devoted of Lhaereth the Stained in Gorgoroth. They dwell in and around her citadel, Seregost, between Agarnaith and the Mokál Rukh. They are also known to occupy Orodruin at times.


Merrevail are probably inspired by J.R.R. Tolkien's version of vampires. In The Silmarillion, during the wars of the First Age, the Vampires are described as bat-like monsters. They were dark spirits made manifest and summoned to the service of Morgoth. The merrevail in The Lord of the Rings Online are presumably the descendants or last remnants of these fearsome creatures.


Reported sightings of the tribes and varieties of these creatures:

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