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Riders of Rohan

East Rohan is ruled by a number of powerful lords whose loyalty is to King Théoden, but the whispered treasons of Saruman have already caused dissension to root in the plains of the Riddermark. Help its people as they strive to defend themselves against the growing threat of war. Witness the Argonath, the mighty Pillars of the Kings astride the Great River Anduin, and stand by the Seat of Seeing atop Amon Hen, marveling at the ancient works of Gondor. And then journey beneath the eaves of Fangorn, whose trees are older still, and uncover the secrets of its mysterious shepherds.
Unlock the full Rohan Expansion to open up new and exciting adventures!
  • Over 400 quests and extras designed for levels 75-85
  • Access to mounted combat!
The following Instances are available as part of the Riders of Rohan expansion:
  • Part 1:
  • Part 2:
  • All instances are scaling 20- 130
  • The Instance Cluster: The Road to Erebor is included in the Riders of Rohan expansion.
The expansion is an account-level purchase, providing access to all eligible characters on your account.
However, the components can be purchased separately from the LOTRO Store.
Note: "The Road to Erebor" is the name used in-game for the instances. "Instance Cluster: Rohan" is the name used in the LOTRO Store.

Level Clases Uses Quantity Normal Price(In LP's)
75 - 85 All Account 1 2495 LOTRO Point 
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