Keeper of Animals

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Keeper of Animals (Blue line) is a Lore-master Trait Tree. The other two trait trees of this class are Master of Nature's Fury and the Ancient Master.

Keeper Of Animals
A strong bond with Beasts for attack and defence.
Animal companions ensure their keeper's survival, using bonuses and pet-master interactions to help both thrive in battle.
Skills Earned:
Eagle-friend-icon.png Eagle-friend
Your companions have the following bonuses:
+5% Morale
+5% Power
+2% Attack Speed
+2% Outgoing Damage
+1% Critical Chance
+2% Block Chance
+2% Parry Chance
+2% Evade Chance
+1 Stealth
+1 Stealth Detection
When your animal companion lands a critical strike, your next skill has no induction.
This effect cannot trigger more than once every 10s.


These skills are acquired by spending trait points in the Keeper of Animals (blue) trait tree.

Active Skills Category Cooldown Range Source
Eagle-friend-icon.png Eagle-friend Pet (Eagle) None Self Set: Initial skill
Inner Flame-icon.png Inner Flame Heal + Buff 1m 40m Trait: Inner Flame (Trait)-icon.png Inner Flame
Catmint-icon.png Catmint Buff 45s 40m Trait: Catmint (Trait)-icon.png Catmint
A Murder of Crows-icon.png A Murder of Crows AoE Damage + Debuff 2m 40m Trait: A Murder of Crows (Trait)-icon.png A Murder of Crows

Set Bonuses

Set Bonus Description Source
Inner Flame (Trait)-icon.png Kindred Flame Improves the damage buff from Inner Flame and lets it buff your pet too. Set: 5+ total ranks
Peerless Wisdom-icon.png Peerless Wisdom You have a greater chance of reflecting damage when using Wisdom of the Council.
+10% Wisdom of the Council Damage Negation Chance
Set: 10+ total ranks
Raven's Protection-icon.png Raven's Protection The Raven now offers a Tactical Mitigation buff to you and your fellows. Set: 15+ total ranks
Critical Coordination-icon.png Critical Coordination When your Pet scores a Critical Hit, your next skill is guaranteed to Crit as well. Set: 20+ total ranks
Fellowship Friend-icon.png Fellowship Friend When your Pet scores a Critical Hit, a unique buff will be bestowed from your pet unto your fellowship. Set: 25+ total ranks
Bolstered Bond-icon.png Bolstered Bond Your companions have additional bonuses Set: 30+ total ranks
Tutelage of the Brown Wizard-icon.png Tutelage of the Brown Wizard Your pets gain 3 levels
Your pets are dramatically strengthened through the lore of Radagast.
Set: 35+ total ranks


Trait Description Source
Sign of the Wild Protection (Trait)-icon.png Sign of the Wild: Protection Increases your pet's defences. Trait: 0+ ranks
Sign of the Wild Rage (Trait)-icon.png Sign of the Wild: Rage Increases your pet's damage and attack speed. Trait: 0+ ranks
Go for the Throat-icon.png Go for the Throat Increases your pet's Critical rating. Trait: 5+ ranks
Lesser Giant Eagle-icon.png Lesser Giant Eagle Earns the skill: Eagle-friend. Trait: 5+ ranks
Inner Flame (Trait)-icon.png Inner Flame Earns the skill: Inner Flame. Trait: 5+ ranks
Prepare for War-icon.png Prepare for War Increases Tactical damage dealt by both your pet and yourself. Trait: 10+ ranks
Prepared Materials-icon.png Prepared Materials You attack faster now that you are prepared for battle. Trait: 10+ ranks
Hearty Diet-icon.png Hearty Diet Boosts the max Morale of your pet and yourself. Trait: 15+ ranks
Don't You Touch Him! (trait)-icon.png Don't You Touch Him! Protective of your pet, you gain a damage buff if your pet is hit by a Critical attack. Trait: 15+ ranks
Catmint (Trait)-icon.png Catmint Earns the skill: Catmint. Trait: 15+ ranks
Loyalty (Lore-master Trait)-icon.png Loyalty Your pet loves you. If you are hit by a Critical attack, your pet will sacrifice some Morale to heal you. Trait: 20+ ranks
After-battle Treat-icon.png After-battle Treat After a battle is finished, your pet receives positive reinforcement from you, it gains Morale and a damage buff. Trait: 20+ ranks
Don't Interrupt Me-icon.png Don't Interrupt Me Enemies who interrupt your inductions pay dearly for their rudeness.
At base, you return and absorb 7% of damage.
Trait: 25+ ranks
Synchronized Movement-icon.png Synchronized Movement You and your pet execute attacks more quickly. Trait: 25+ ranks
A Murder of Crows (Trait)-icon.png A Murder of Crows Earns the skill: A Murder of Crows.
Enables you to summon a vast flock of crows to harass your enemies for a short time.
Trait: 30+ ranks
Feral.png Feral You are inspired by your pet companion, and take on a few of its fighting characteristics. Trait: 30+ ranks