Item:Leather Shoes (Level 11)

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Light Shoes 1 (common)-icon.png
  Leather Shoes
  • Item Level: 11
  • Medium Armour
  • 134 Armour
  • Normal
  • Durability 50/50
  • Minimum Level 11
  • "Shoes fashioned from leather."
  • Vendor's Price: 4 Silver 52 Copper 
  • Worth: 1 Silver 13 Copper 

Vendor Information

This item is available from the following vendors:

Vendor Title Location Region
Aldo Topleaf Medium Armour Trader Bywater The Shire
Bór Medium Armoursmith Gondamon Ered Luin
Britho Woodvine Medium Armour Trader Budgeford The Shire
Dannel Medium Armoursmith Hall of Kings Thorin's Hall
Hithbar Medium Armoursmith Duillond Ered Luin
Malvo Goldworthy Medium Armour Trader Crickhollow Bree-land
Mirabell Gammidge Medium Armour Trader Brockenborings The Shire
Raf Silverwind Medium Armour Trader Staddle Arms Bree-land


  • No default colour (Washed).
  • Same appearance as Medium Shoes 1 (uncommon)-icon.png Padded Shoes.