Item:A Yeoman's Guide

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A Yeoman's Guide
  • Unique
  • "Simplicity and Abundance by Rollo Hamson, Artisan Cook"

Item Information

This item is given after selecting Tinker as your profession along with your intital set of tools: Inferior Tailor's Tools, Inferior Farming Tools and Inferior Cooking Supplies.

Using this item reveals the following guide:

Simplicity and Abundance

Not all heroes are known by their skill at arms, or ancient knowledge. In this difficult time, hard work is a heroic trait by itself, and a Yeoman knows that lives are staked on the backs of honest labourers. As a Yeoman, you will farm, cook, and make simple armour that will provide the foundations of life for the good people of Middle-earth.


You can farm at special farming fields found throughout Middle-earth. Novice Farmhands can be found near farm fields in Michel Delving (Shire), Staddle (Bree-land), Thorin's Hall (Ered Lun), and Celondim (Ered Luin).

To farm some Yellow Onions, you must do the following:

  1. Equip your Farming Tools.
  2. Buy one Apprentice Crop Seed, one Bucket of Water and one Handful of Fertilizer from a Novice Farmhand.
  3. Find some Farmland, and execute the farming recipe.
  4. Harvest your crops, and reap the rewards!


From a simple breakfast to a mighty feast, it is said that an army marches on its stomach! Whether feeding a fellowship of heroes, or making a late night snack; a good cook is always welcome.

To make some hard biscuits, you must do the following:

  1. Equip your Cooking Supplies.
  2. Find an Oven.
  3. Using Bundle of Spring Barley, create one Cup of Spring Barley Flour.
  4. Purchase a Chicken Egg from a Supplier or a Novice Cook.
  5. Execute the Hard Biscuits recipe

If done Correctly, you now have a satisfying bit food that will keep for weeks!


As a tailor, you are capable of making the widest variety of armour. Both cloth and leather armour are available to you. Raw cloth can be purchased from a Novice Tailor, while treated hides will need to be processed using your Forester skill.

To craft some leather Padded Armour, you must do the following:

  1. Equip your Tailor's Tools.
  2. Find a Workbench
  3. Create a Leather Pad.
  4. Obtain one Spool of Rough Thread from either a Supplier or Novice Tailor.
  5. Complete the Padded Armour recipe.

As you execute recipes, you will gain experience in your craft. When you are ready to progress to more difficult work, you can seek our further training and quests from craftsmen of note!