Improved Addle

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 Improved Addle
  • 20m Range
  • Immediate
  • Tactical Skill
  • Resistance: Song
    Skill Type: Debuff
  • Causes the enemy to fail skill attempts, and subsequent skill attempts will briefly take longer to execute.

    Target deals less tactical damage.

    Interrupts Inductions
  • +25% Skill Inductions
  • -10% Tactical Damage
  • Duration: 30s
  • Cost: ... Power
  • Cooldown: 10s

General Information

Class: Burglar

This skill is automatically acquired at level 48.

This skill replaces the skill Addle.


Using this skill causes Addle to occur on your target.


Tactical Information

This interrupting skill is very useful when a target is planning a special move like a knock-back or heal skill.