Grodbog Hive

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Areas-icon.png Grodbog Hive
Region: Redhorn Lodes
Dungeon(s): Nud-heden
Landmark(s): The Chittering Hole
The Great Hive
Redhorn Lodes
The Flaming Deeps
Levels: Mainly 56
Resource tier: Supreme
Grodbog Hive.jpg

Grodbog Hive is an area within the Redhorn Lodes in Moria on the south side.

The hive is a tunnel overrun with Gredbyg that curves to the southwest and connects the greater area of the Redhorn Lodes with the Flaming Deeps.


These landmarks are located within Grodbog Hive:


See the landmarks for more quests


The following creatures are found within this area:


Map of Redhorn Lodes


The great, long tunnel that connects the Redhorn Lodes to the Flaming Deeps may be the loneliest and most forlorn stretch of empty rock in Moria. Curving from the southern edge of the Redhorn Lodes to the eastern boundary of the Flaming Deeps, this tunnel’s virtually featureless run suggests that it was dug out in pursuit of precious ore, not as a planned route from one region to the other. Aside from a few left-behind crystals and essential support beams, there’s little evidence that the folk of Khazad-dûm ever traveled this stretch of bare rock without pick-axes in each hand.

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