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Image of Grimbeorn
Gender Male
Race Beorning
Region Vales of Anduin
Area Meadhollow
Settlement Beorninghús
Map Ref [13.4N, 53.3W]


Grimbeorn the Old is the son of mighty Beorn, and chieftain of the Beornings. He lives at his house, Beorninghús, with his kin: His three children and a few other close relatives. After a visit by the wizard Radagast and an attack on the lodge by goblins, Grimbeorn sends one of his children to the west across the Misty Mountains to warn the people of Eriador of the rising shadow of evil in Rhovanion.

Beorning characters first encounter him during the Beorning intro instance at Meadhollow.

He is also encountered in Vindurhal, in the Misty Mountains. [23.3S, 4.3E]

Note: Grimbeorn is the sire of all beorning player characters. His two other children are Langhár and Sterkist.

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