Gambler's Advantage

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Gambler's Advantage-icon.png
Gambler's Advantage
  • 3.5m Range
  • Melee Skill
  • Skill Type: Melee, Critical Hit Chain
  • A Critical hit enables the Burglar to strike, applying a stacking bleed to the target.

    Deals extra damage when attacking from behind.
  • ... (Main-hand) Damage
  • ... (Main-hand) Damage every 2 seconds for 20 seconds.
  • Cost: [582 at Level 140] Power
  • Cooldown: 5s

General Information

Class: Burglar

Trait Tree: The Gambler

Rank Needed: 5 (trait Gambler's Advantage)


This skill has increased damage when attacking from behind and applies Gambler's Advantage: a stacking bleed.

Trait Information

The trait Aggravated Bleeds in the Gambler trait tree adds 2 more pulses to the bleed.
The trait High Roller in the Gambler trait tree increases the damage of this skill by up to 20%.


Equipping 4 pieces of the Blade's Battle-dress of the Abyss set will make this skill bypass an additional 10% of the target's mitigations.

Tactical Information

This skill becomes available after landing a Critical Hit (as a Critical Response). After using this skill the following skills in the critical hit chain become available: