Frago Sandheaver

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Frago Sandheaver
Image of Frago Sandheaver
Title Inn League Trader
Gender Male
Race Hobbit
Region The Shire
Area The Delving Fields
Settlement Michel Delving
Interior The Bird and Baby Inn
Map Ref [33.4S, 75.3W]


Frago Sandheaver is, during festivals, found at the Bird and Baby Inn in Michel Delving, in the Inn League rooms. Visitors with Friend status with the league may trade Badges of Taste for Inn League Reward items.


Item to Receive Items to Trade
Book 1 (common)-icon.png Ancient Tome Badge of Taste-icon.png 5 Badges of Taste
Box 7 (store)-icon.png Box of Festival Tokens Badge of Taste-icon.png 2 Badges of Taste