Fosco Boffin

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Fosco Boffin is one of the seven children of Prisca Boffin and a first cousin, once removed, of Bingo Boffin. According to his mother, he is fond of rivers and wands to learn boating.

Fosco Boffin (Buckland)

While his cousin Bingo is visiting Buckland, Fosco is taking a nap near the Bucklebury Ferry.

Fosco Boffin
Image of Fosco Boffin
Gender Male
Race Hobbit
Region Bree-land
Area Buckland
Map Ref [33.6S, 62.6W]

Quest Involvement

Episodic Content

Harvest Festival

Fosco Boffin (Scary)

Later on, Fosco moves to Scary in the Greenfields, where he acts as a Grocer. He is concerned for the safety of his aunt, Prunella Boffin, with all the talk of goblins in the Northfarthing.

Fosco Boffin
Image of Fosco Boffin
Role Grocer
Gender Male
Race Hobbit
Region The Shire
Area Greenfields
Settlement Scary
Map Ref [27.7S, 66.4W]

Quest Involvement


Item Cost
Bag of Salt-icon.png Bag of Salt 1 Silver 12 Copper 
Bottle of Water-icon.png Bottle of Water Copper 
Chicken Egg-icon.png Chicken Egg 24 Copper 
Coney-icon.png Coney 56 Copper 
Cut of Beef-icon.png Cut of Beef 1 Silver 12 Copper 
Drop of Honey-icon.png Drop of Honey 56 Copper 
Dry Rations-icon.png Dry Rations 48 Copper 
Hard Rations-icon.png Hard Rations 1 Silver 12 Copper 
Jar of Vegetable Oil-icon.png Jar of Vegetable Oil 56 Copper 
Lamb Bone-icon.png Lamb Bone 1 Silver 12 Copper 
Lamb Kidney-icon.png Lamb Kidney 1 Silver 12 Copper 
Lump of Butter-icon.png Lump of Butter 24 Copper 
Piece of Uncooked Bacon-icon.png Piece of Uncooked Bacon 56 Copper 
Pinch of Shire Seasonings-icon.png Pinch of Shire Seasonings 56 Copper 
Pork Shank-icon.png Pork Shank 24 Copper 
Raw Pork Sausage-icon.png Raw Pork Sausage 56 Copper 
Rich Rations-icon.png Rich Rations 1 Silver 60 Copper 
Scoop of Lard-icon.png Scoop of Lard 24 Copper 
Simple Rations-icon.png Simple Rations Copper 
Tasty Rations-icon.png Tasty Rations 2 Silver 20 Copper 
Uncooked Pork Chop-icon.png Uncooked Pork Chop 1 Silver 12 Copper